Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Irish Whistle. Wet And Windy And Blowing Like A Good 'Un.

This is about the third week of horrible weather, and quite frankly I'm sick of it! It all began when many water companies decided to impose a hosepipe ban across the whole country, and it hasn't flipping well stopped since! If it isn't raining it looks like it might at any moment. Or else it is blowing a gale! Wet and windy. Uuuurgh!

As I say, I'm sick of it! So this is a worldwide appeal to try to make it stop. Please take a few minutes to write a short letter to whoever is in charge of these matters, and appeal to them to do something about it urgently! Mention my name if you like. Tell them that John is cold and wet. No need to mention about me being windy!

Perhaps you could also add a note about global warming. Something along the lines of: What has happened to it? Because I tell you, it is not happening here. What we have here is global colding!

Come on now. Please! Together we can get this sorted.

Would you kindly pass this appeal on to as many people as possible. Let's get this going viral! Thank you for reading this.

Changing the subject completely. Look at this, what I found in the shed a few days ago. Its a penny whistle, or Irish whistle, or tin whistle. I don't know what the proper name is, but because it has the words Irish whistle on it, I think I'll settle for that!

I have not the faintest idea where I got it from originally. All I can think is that a Leprechaun left it for me to find. There is no other explanation.

My hat was hand made by Tovey.
You lot are in for a treat because I have determined that I will become a virtuoso performer on this thing. Yes I know, I can feel your excitement building as the realisation dawns on you, that before too long, I shall be whistling away for your entertainment.

Calm yourself now! I said virtuoso performer. It may take a day or two, even for a man of my undoubted talent.

Before I do anything else, it needs a good clean. At the moment it is clogged with a spiders web, and the occupant is reluctant to move out! However I have acquired a short length of copper pipe. I shall transfer the spider to that, and hopefully it will appreciate the extra space in there, and not come looking for me in an angry mood!

So prepare yourselves dear readers. I'm about to start practicing on this thing. It could get a bit 'wet and windy'.

Wet and windy? Oh for heavens sake!


  1. wet and windy just like the weather or were you referring to those elements, John. Will you be broadcasting those concerts over youTube?

  2. John, I do believe that moving spiders from their natural habitat ESPECIALLY penny whistles is against many many international laws. Just saying!
    Jane x

  3. Hi John, I've come your way via Lea and Paul!

    And what a post to come in on! I've always wanted an Irish Whistle/ Flute! I got as far as teaching myself the recorder and now the flute, so hopefully before long I'll get one! It shouldn't be too bad going, learning it! I look forward to hearing your progress :)

    Also quite timely that you should decide to learn it as I have just the piece, Howard Shore's....Concerning Hobbits/The Shire....such a beautiful piece of music :) and the filming of which is going on right now, a mere few miles from me!
    The Irish Flute/Penny Whistle (it's obviously not content with having just one name!) plays an important part in the symphony :)...if you didn't already know that is :) Perhaps one day we can do it duet style!

    Sidetracking a little, you look remarkably like my mum's side of the family! I'm sure it's just very co-incidental, but whereabouts in the UK are you from?!

    I don't have a blog or I'd say feel free to visit! I'm contemplating it :)

    1. Hi Sarah. Thanks for visiting my blog, and yes quite a coincidence about the penny whistle. I shall certainly have a listen to Howard Shores Piece. I think I have a way to go.
      My mum's family hail from Wick right at the top of Scotland. I live in West Sussex England now. I don't know much about my dad or his side of the family. I do know he served in a Scottish regiment in the army.
      I hope you do start a blog Sarah, but it can take up a lot of time.

  4. I've got pen and paper out ready to write the letter. We're supposed to be having our road resurfaced today and they did say that if it rained they wouldn't be able to do it. After making arrangements with a friend to collect me at the end of the road, 'cos I can't take mine off the drive, after changing an important appointment from today to tomorrow, here I am still waiting for the work to start and wondering what the heck I'm going to do. And all because of the perishing rain. Perhaps you could influence the elements with the Irish whistle.

  5. Looking forward to the inaugural unveiling of your virtuoso performance. Hope you get that spider sorted!

  6. Yes best get the spider out there, a mouthful of spider wouldn't be all that pleasant! Looking forward to your performance. I hope your weather clears soon, but please don't send it here as we certainly don't want any of it :-)

  7. Hi John I put in a request for the change of weather but sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for Good Luck hope it works.
    Those leprechaun's are cool like that I forgot to tell you that is who I requested the change of weather to.
    They can be tricky so watch out. :) B

  8. John I think you must be a 'glass half empty' person ,because since i've been over here -eight days- we've had some lovely weather !By the way if there is an apostrophe in showmans, shouldn't it be after the 's'as in 'belonging to the showman '??

  9. Kate we have had one dry day in the last fortnight. You must be leading a charmed life over in Angmering!
    I shall take your word about the apostrophe, and get it sorted. In a previous blogpost I have admitted to my grammatical ineptitude.
    Lovely to see you.

  10. To the Weather Fairies: John needs some sunny days mixed in with the rainy ones. His poor old bones occasionally need a warming. A balmy breeze to go with the sun would also be appreciated. Thank you.

  11. My granddaughter is learning to play the penny whistle. Being the Irish lass that she is, she already plays a mean fiddle. Perhaps the two of you can duet when you become perfect.

  12. I'll notify the proper authorities regarding the wet and windy weather. While I'm at it I'll tell them to do something about it here also.

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  14. Hey John, I'm waiting to hear back about any Scottish links, but I know a few family members were born in West Sussex...hmmmm. perhaps you're just very similar looking strangers.....but you never know, sometimes the world can be very small!!

    I bet you'll get on well learning to play! It seems you have the determination to at least try anyway, and that should get you far!

  15. Let the weather blow outdoors. Just teach yourself that whistle. Maybe, you'll find a Irish band that needs one.