Thursday, 18 September 2014

Just Popping By To Say Hello.

Sixteen days it has been since my last post. This must be my longest absence since I began blogging. I have no excuse, if one were needed. Just been doing other things.

Scottish referendum today. I wonder which way it will go? I suspect the majority of Scots will plump to stay part of the United Kingdom. If they do split I suppose I will have dual nationality.

I have gone organic. Been cooking proper meals. Making pies and biscuits, Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. I find I really enjoy making pastry. I even made a loaf of bread. It tasted delicious. Didn't last long though because everyone wanted some. I have not eaten a ready meal for three weeks now, nor eaten any processed meat. I am sure I feel a lot better for it.

Mia the German Shepherd is getting on very well. She is a sweet character. Bonnie the Ginger Cat has started coming indoors again. Which is very pleasing. Mind you she has been missing for two days. This is not unusual for her though.

My Extremely Handsome Son George has returned to University in Liverpool. We drove up on Sunday. We are both emotional softies and saying goodbye is always difficult. We are getting better at it though. My campervan broke down on the way back and I completed the last 140 miles on the back of a breakdown truck. The problem was minor. A broken fanbelt. A five minute job to replace normally, but the breakdown service didn't have one to fit. And it being Sunday there was no place open to get one. My breakdown service only costs me £30 a year. Money well spent. The van is repaired now.

I am hoping my writing mojo returns soon. I miss my blogging. And of course I miss you.