Monday, 30 March 2015

The Isles Of Scilly

I haven't been around for a while because I'm on holiday. Unusual for me to have a holiday but I am doing some work at the same time.
I am on the Isles of Scilly where Tricia has a holiday home. In a moment of weakness and in an attempt to save her some money I said I would do some decorating work in her house!
It is beautiful here. I am on the main island St Mary's. Just me and Mia the German Shepherd.
Things didn't get off to a very good start when Mia cut her paw just before we got on the ship to come here. She was limping so badly when we arrived that I had to take her to see the vet. She is on anti-biotics now and seems not to be suffering. Cost me all my spending money though. I wouldn't mind being a vet!
I have almost finished decorating and will be heading back on Wednesday evenings ship. Should be home by Friday. I do miss my humble little home and will be glad to be home,

This has not been a very well written blog I am sorry, but to be honest I am very tired. Be good to get home for a rest. Sorry about the photos too but wouldn't you know it my camera has broken. Most of these are from my phone camera.
                                                             Love from John and Mia.