Monday, 18 May 2015

Flat Screen TV Flat Against Them.

The problem with flat screen televisions is that you can't put a photograph on top of them. Not even a photo in a flat frame. Bring back proper sized televisions I say so I can put my photo of great uncle Norman wearing his medals back where he belongs.

Yes, yes I know I could put a shelf up but that's not the point. Who is going to pay for the shelf, the TV manufacturers? Of course they're not. The whole thing smacks of collusion between the TV makers and the shelf makers if you ask me. It's just another way of making money from us hard done by proletariat. Not that I'm one for conspiracy theories you understand, but you have to admit it's bloody strange how the shelf industry has taken off since flat screen televisions came along.

Eventually I shall have to put a shelf up I suppose. Great uncle Norman deserves better than being stuck in a drawer.

Why can't things be left as they are? Why this constant need for change? I blame immigration!

Friday, 15 May 2015

The Dew Pond.

I thought you might like to see how the dew/wildlife pond is looking. My Extremely Handsome Son George and I are very pleased with it. The plants are growing well and it is absolutely teeming with life. Mostly... I was going to say insects but are things that live in the water insects? I haven't really thought about that before. There is a great diving beetle, a voracious predator. I was going to remove it but EHS George wouldn't hear of it. "It's part of nature dad," he says and of course he is right.
There are dragonfly larva. And pond skaters and little beetles that do nothing but swim in circles. Lots of tiny little things and clouds of daphnia. All of which will provide food for the frogs and toads we hope will soon colonise. EHS George put frog and toad spawn in earlier this year and they are growing fast. I have also noticed that newts have found their way in.

Birds come down to drink and bathe in the shallow edges and I have seen blackbirds taking beakfuls of mud to build their nests. A pair of mallards are regular visitors too. I am worried that they might cause damage to the plants but there again it is a wildlife pond.

Something I find interesting is that the pond is actually working as a dew pond despite that we had to resort to using a manufactured liner instead of leaving it as just clay. It has never needed the water to be topped up and doesn't evaporate as it does in a much smaller pond nearby.
Extremely Handsome Son George  by the dew pond.

The dew pond

Have a lovely weekend.

Monday, 11 May 2015

My New Camera

Found this hedgehog in the paddock late last night. Really pleased to know it is still here. Loving my new camera, so many different functions. Modern technology. Amazing. I could never have photographed this in the old days. Wind on the film. Make sure you got enough film left. Unwind it. Take it to the chemist to be developed, Think about buying a packet of condoms while you are there. Go back ten days later to collect the photos. Think about buying a packet of condoms while you are there. When you get home find out they have given you someone else's photos. Take them back. Collect your own photos. Discover they haven't come out and there is a little note recommending you remember to take the lens cap off next time. Think about buying a packet of condoms. Go home disappointed. Go back to chemist the next day determined to pluck up the courage to buy a packet of condoms. Buy a new toothbrush instead. Yes indeed modern cameras are brilliant!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Hickory Dickory Dock A Hole Dug For A Clock

Tricia's father's mother's grandfather clock, which belonged to Tricia's mother and before that her father's mother's grandmother who originally got it from her mother in 1881 and is now passed down to Tricia from her mother -you got that?- has been causing me a few problems recently. It is very tall you see. Grandfather clocks always are. Must have had high ceilings in it's original home. The clock is about eight foot high and the ceilings are seven foot. Even lower if you take the beams into account.
Tricia loves this clock. She remembers it from her childhood and so it has great sentimental value to her.
What to do? I suggested jokingly that we should dig a hole in the floor. Tricia thought it was a good idea! So I dug a hole. It wasn't that simple though.

First I had to cut through the floorboards and then break through four inches of concrete. That was hard work. Then I came across the water pipes. What a pain! Moving the water pipes would mean digging up the whole floor. That was a non-starter. The solution was to make some cut outs in the base of the clock. A bit drastic but as Tricia said once the clock was in place it wasn't likely to be moved again for many years.
Once the hole was deep enough I rendered it inside with cement. I covered the bottom of the clock with some leftover pond liner and several bin liners to keep the damp out and put the clock in the hole.
Actually Tricia and I both think the clock looks better with half the bottom section hidden from view. We think it looks better proportioned.

It seems happy enough in it's new home. Tick tocking and chiming the hour.

I still have to tidy the base up.
 There are a few more clocks in Tricia's house too. Here are some pics.

Extremely Handsome Son George's room.

I'm clocking off now. Be back soon if there is time. A couple of puns there.