Monday, 18 May 2015

Flat Screen TV Flat Against Them.

The problem with flat screen televisions is that you can't put a photograph on top of them. Not even a photo in a flat frame. Bring back proper sized televisions I say so I can put my photo of great uncle Norman wearing his medals back where he belongs.

Yes, yes I know I could put a shelf up but that's not the point. Who is going to pay for the shelf, the TV manufacturers? Of course they're not. The whole thing smacks of collusion between the TV makers and the shelf makers if you ask me. It's just another way of making money from us hard done by proletariat. Not that I'm one for conspiracy theories you understand, but you have to admit it's bloody strange how the shelf industry has taken off since flat screen televisions came along.

Eventually I shall have to put a shelf up I suppose. Great uncle Norman deserves better than being stuck in a drawer.

Why can't things be left as they are? Why this constant need for change? I blame immigration!


  1. Down with Flat Screens! Down with shelves! Down with immigration!

  2. Well, I gave up TV altogether, so I'd never see Uncle Norman

  3. Heck, grab and hammer and nail and 'nail' UNorman to the wall over the TV. There, now you'll sleep well tonight.
    You're welcome. GRIN.