Sunday, 18 November 2012

Skype And Things.

Tomorrow I am going out to buy a webcam and a microphone, because I am now signed up to Skype. I would like to talk to you if you have Skype. I don't know what I want to talk about really. Just general stuff about what you are up too and what I'm doing. If you fancy having a go at it please let me know.

Sometimes it can be difficult knowing what to say, or talk about. I realise this fact, so I think it would be a good idea to keep conversations quite short. That way there shouldn't be too many awkward silences. It might be a good idea to put a 15 minute limit on it. Unless of course we are chatting away like old friends.

I have had one go at it, but I didn't have a camera. We had a nice conversation though. It was interesting being able to see the other person. I am still at the stage of being amazed by the internet.

This flu is still hanging on. I go to bed hoping it will be gone in the morning but it doesn't want to leave yet. I have got a date soon. It had better be gone by then!

Catherine (Tricia's daughter) is back from Rwanda, The car crash was far worse than we imagined, The vehicle a minibus actually rolled over at speed. They couldn't get out and had to be rescued by people from a nearby village. Fuel leaking all over the place. Thank God they were near a village.

Miraculously no one was badly hurt in the crash. Maybe if you are on the Lord's work he takes care of you. Although why He would let the accident happen in the first place, is a mystery to me!

Catherine kept the fact that she had a near brush with death, a secret. Just as well. Tricia would have been even more of a nervous wreck, than she already was. It wouldn't have done my nerves much good either.

Another early night for me tonight. Hope this flu is gone tomorrow.

Good night, God bless.


  1. Skype is a wonderful application and it has made moving away from our grandsons easier to take. We keep track of the 10 month old's growth achievements and can have real conversations with the almost 4 year old and his Mom and Dad. We lived in another state when the kids were young and my folks would love to have been able to use something like skype. "PicturePhone was something for the future like flying cars.

  2. I Skype with my sister in Australia,it's great being able to see her!
    Jane x

  3. Isn't there a camera/microphone on your laptop? Most of them have one. It is that little circle in the middle of the top edge of your laptop. I have never used mine but it is there. I am very happy to hear that Catherine is home and safe.

  4. My daughter said something to me one day about skypeing and I had no clue what she was talking about. She had to explain it to me. Of course I don't have a web cam so I couldn't do it anyway

  5. Skype is quite a futuristic novelty. I'm not used to it yet. Too fidgety, I guess.

  6. My hubby who isn't unplugged has Skype on his computer but I don't. We use it regularly to see the Grand children in Los Angeles. It is a boon to be able to watch them grow, play and talk. Have fun with yours.

  7. I recently had Skype put onto my laptop and I would love to chat. I haven't tried it out yet as I had no-one I knew who had it. I had better get myself sorted with it so we can have a chin wag.

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  8. You are braver than me, John. I have avoided Skype and Facetime like it would give me the plague! I just don't feel comfortable with it. There is a certain amount of anonymity with an ordinary phone... I mean if I want to pick my nose nobody can see it. Not that picking my nose is a personal habit, you understand... I use it just for verbal demonstration purposes

    I am so pleased that Catherine's experience was no worse. Narrow escapes are wondrous things.

  9. Oooops, did I rabbit on a bit too long? I'll keep to the fifteen minute rule in future.

  10. I have skype, I've used it a couple of times but not with any great success. The picture part doesnt always work. I think my connection speed is a bit low.
    I am glad Tricias daughter is back and safe. It must be a great relief to her Mum.

  11. I had Skype my niece in Australia before but sometime the movements is slower that their voice which annoys me. Anyway, due to our time different, I could be snoring in bed when you have the time to Skype. Happy blogging and Skyping to you. Oh yeah, and glad that your friend is unhurt at the accident. Must be a very scary experienced.

  12. We had to buy a camera too because not all computers come with them. So my daughter has a skype account and we keep in touch with family. I've been thinking about getting my own account so when I do I'll let you know. Finding that perfect time to suit all parties in far away places, might be the biggest challenge.

    Thank you for your kind words on my last post. sorry you had to start over, I would have enjoyed your long windedness ;-)

  13. Would like to skype with you one day. Hope the flu comes right.

  14. Happy to hear that Catherine is back home safe and sound.
    John, my flu has all but gone, and I hope that you are rid of yours soon...very soon.
    Skypeing is so much fun, but as someone mentioned, you have to get your times right in order to catch up with all your worldwide friends. Enjoy yourself as you take this new step in technology.

  15. I don't like phone very much, and Skype is very much like phone.