Monday, 5 November 2012

All You Want To Know About Art And Artists.

My young friend and his lovely girlfriend called round. They wanted me to do one of my pen and ink portraits of them together. They were actually prepared to sit while I did it, which was nice. Unusual too these days. Most people nowadays want me to work from photographs. Nobody seems to have time to sit for an artist. It's all rush, rush , rush. I don't understand it, having never been one for rushing around. The strange thing is that if you ask someone why they are rushing, most of them don't know. Rushing is just something they do.

So it was nice, chatting away to the pair of them as I sketched away. It was going well. I was pleased with it and thought they would be too. This bloke I know came in while I was working, and started talking about art and artists. He kept on saying, "You probably won't know this artists work," or, "I don't suppose you know the painting by ...."

The thing is I knew every artist and every painting he mentioned. This is unusual for me. Normally when someone mentions an art fact I'm not familiar with, I usually pretend I am and tend to nod sagely, with an, of course I do smile, not wanting to admit to any lack of knowledge about my work. But this bloke, well I knew it all, and was even able to expound knowledgeably on each subject.

Eventually he took himself off. I expect he was thinking what a bloody know all I am. Or words to that effect!

The portrait of the young couple was almost completed, when I woke up! It had all been a dream. I had fallen asleep in the chair beside the fire.

This was so annoying. It was actually the best portrait I had ever done. And all that knowledge I came out with. I could have written a thesis. It was all just a lot of rubbish.

I shall put the picture here for you to see how good it is. OH...! Hang on a minute...!


  1. John I love your musings! They make me smile,chuckle and the other day (dog food story) cackle!!! Keep 'em coming, I'm a fan :-) x

  2. You often tell us you are good in bed, so now are you saying you are clever in your sleep ?

  3. Too funny! But at least you have nice dreams. I'm usually being chased by something.

  4. I hope you did not charge a premium fee for the portrait.

  5. It might be prophetic, I might yet happen. Hope so anyway as you seemed to enjoy it.

  6. That dream is just a taste of what may be in the stars for you John.
    You can still frame that drawing and put it up for sale in the RAG with this lovely story to accompany it.

  7. Don't forget the dream, John, you might need to air all that knowledge one day.

    Hmm I'm wondering how your live traffic feed thought I was in Worcester :O)

  8. Oh I'm almost as upset as you that it was only a dream.Some dreams do come true though. x

  9. My goodness that's a sensitive live traffic feed, it looks like I've stalking you!

    If it weren't for Google Search/images I would be a total idiot when it comes to knowledge of Art and Artist. Not a bad pen and ink, for being asleep!