Friday, 9 November 2012

Mechanical Glitches.

What a week it has been. Thank God it's Friday. Maybe next week will not be so eventful.

It started with Tricia losing her car keys on the beach. Never did find them. Had to get the car taken to a dealership twelve miles away to get a new key reprogrammed. What a carry on. We managed to get the car there on Wednesday (why is it spelled Wednesday? Surely it should be WedENSday? That's how I say it anyway). Doesn't matter. I am tired tonight. To be honest with you, I'm having a bit of a job keeping the impetus to write this going. The AA came back and took the car. The AA are wonderful. I have been a member for years. Mostly they are not needed, but when they are they don't let you down. I recommend them.
It's all the late nights and early mornings tiring me out. Early mornings because I have been getting extremely handsome son George off to the station. Normally Tricia deals with that but her car has been out of action because she lost the keys. Did I mention that?
Yes so the garage have had her car since WedNESday. But couldn't sort the key business out because, wait for it! It was booked in for Friday and they can't possibly change the time. What useless bl... Calm down John boy, calm down.
It is back now. Seventy five quid! For a key! Someone is taking the mickey! Seventy five bleedin' quid! Stone the crows! They're 'aving a laugh ain't they? Oh well, what can you do? Not a lot. They got us punters over a bleedin' barrel. How d'you spell barrel? It don't look right to me. S'pose I shall have to look it up. I can't be bothered. Too tired. Did it with the spell check thingy. I spelt it first with two l's.

The television in the house hasn't worked for three weeks. It's on a contract. Comes over the internet via a hub. I don't understand it. Nobody in the family does. But it doesn't work. They put a new box in. It worked long enough for the engineer to get out of the house then it stopped working again. A week later, after many phone calls to the service centre in India _ bleedin' INDIA! Can you Adam and Eve it? Another bloke came. He didn't look Indian. He said it needs a new aerial. Two hundred and fifty quid! Stone me! Do they think we are made of money? Tricia gets fed up and cancels the contract with them. Soon as she cancels it, the tele starts working again! Amazing. Turns out there is nothing wrong with the aerial. Nearly spent two hundred and fifty quid for no reason. Anyway the man from Sky television is coming on Monday. Fantastic! All those sports channels. Yeah!

The washing machine broke down today. That's on a contract too. A replacement coming on Tuesday (why don't they spell it Chewsday?) beats me. The washine machine bloke says that for an extra five quid a month they can also supply a widescreen TV. It's a special offer. Tricia went for it. I shall be getting the old TV for my wagon. I ain't had a TV for ages. It ain't really old only bought it a few months ago. But you know what I mean. I'm saying ain't. That shows how tired I am. I have been working hard this week, laying paving slabs. Making a patio.

Catherine has gone off to Rwanda. It's in Africa somewhere. Lots of genocide there some years ago. I wouldn't fancy it personally. I think I must have a phobia about people waving machetes about. Catherine? She is Tricia's daughter. EHS Georges half sister. Anyway we, me and Tricia didn't want her to go. Too bleedin' dangerous. Catherine is only little. She is twenty seven now but still little. It's a Christian thing. She is quite religious. Anyway she has gone with the church. I think her church sponsors a village over there. Take care we told her. Tricia was really concerned. Guess what happened? A text message from Catherine. "I have been in a car crash. Everybody is all right, Don't worry." Of course Tricia does worry. She is a bit of a nervous wreck, wondering what is going to go wrong next. We have since confirmed that everyone in the car crash is OK. But it is a worry Catherine being out there in Rwanda. She is only little. Did I tell you that?

Emma Springfield from Nature Center Magazine, left me a comment during the week. Mercury is in retrograde, she wrote. Means mechanical glitches of all sorts. Blimey Emma, you weren't kidding. Not that I believe in all that astrological nonsense. Typical Leo, that's me!

It is half past midnight. Time for bed. Goodnight, God bless.

Have a great weekend


  1. I am tired at the end of this week too. We have been busy trying to get paperwork and money together for the new RV and have been out an about everyday this week. Today we had to drive to Kansas City Kansas to get a cashier's check for our downpayment. Our old bank is not in Missouri. 2 and a half hours each way, and tomorrow we have another 4 hour drive back and forth to pick it up. I haven't been this busy since I was working. In need a vacation.

  2. But you have a date...that trumps everything.
    Jane x

  3. I feel guilty. Perhaps if I had not informed you of that awful Mercury retrograde thing your machines would not give you so many problems. Unfortunately I do not know how long this will last. I only read it in a news item about our election day. I hope Catherine stays safe.

  4. As the saying goes,"When it rains it pours." In your case it was more like a hurricane! Hope next week is better for everyone!

    Goodnight,John Boy. :)

  5. Holy shite. Bollocks. These last few days need to bugger off. Sorry I got a little carried away with my British slang after reading your post. I hope the rest of your week is better, the weekend is wonderful, and next week is great. Take care and enjoy that new TV.

  6. Wow, you have had a couple of rough weeks haven't you? Our TV is 10 years old and flickers quite a bit when we first turn it on. I just hope it holds our for a bit longer. I want a new one, but when I'm ready, not when I'm forced into it because of a break down.


  7. "When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions."[ShakNEspeare]Probably the oftenest-quoted line of Hamlet. I think it applies to worries too. Thanks for this post, John. It reminds me I'm not the only one with them.

  8. Goodnight. Ooooops, sorry , it's Satdy morning, hav a gud weekend.

  9. And they say the world is better off for having all these 'mod-cons'. Try grabbing forty-winks when you feel tired, it's amazing what sleep can do for your frame of mind. Hope your weekend is uneventful.

  10. I hope that next week will be better for you John.
    Catherine will be okay in Rwanda.If you continue to worry all the time, you will be a nervous wreck.
    Hope you enjoy your new channels on your "new" tv.