Monday, 5 October 2015

What Day Is It Today?

A funny thing happened on Saturday, I thought it was Sunday. I decided to make meself a Sunday roast. I had potatoes and vegetables in the cupboard but I didn’t have any meat so I thought to meself, I thought, ‘go down the co-op John boy and get one of them packets of sliced beef. You can heat it up in the microwave, add some gravy and ‘bob’s yer uncle’ as they say.’

So I takes meself down to the shops. When I got there I notice the butchers shop is open and I thinks to meself, ‘that’s unusual, I wonder why they are open on a Sunday?’

I still have it in me mind to get a packet of sliced beef so I heads into the co-op, never even thinking I could get beef in the butchers.

Anyway, long story short I gets the packet of beef and heads home where I cook meself me roast lunch. Roast potatoes, roast vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and of course the sliced beef with gravy. And though I do say it meself, it was delicious.

So I’m sitting in me chair sleeping off this magnificent repast when the phone rings.

“Hallo,” I says.

It is Tricia calling. “Just checking, if you can look after Dixie and Kylie tomorrow,” she says, “when I go to Liverpool.” Dixie and Kylie are her dogs.

I am puzzled. “I thought you were going to Liverpool today,” I say to her.

“No,” she says. “I am going tomorrow Sunday.”

“Sunday?” I says. “It’s Sunday today.”

“It’s Saturday today,” she says.

“Oh blimey,” I laughs, “I just cooked meself a Sunday roast dinner. I wondered why the butchers was open. I thought they must be stock taking.”

I didn’t tell Tricia that I also wondered why the Chippie’s was open on a Sunday too. Well, I wouldn’t want her to think I’m stupid!

But on the plus side I did enjoy me roast dinner.