Monday, 5 October 2015

What Day Is It Today?

A funny thing happened on Saturday, I thought it was Sunday. I decided to make meself a Sunday roast. I had potatoes and vegetables in the cupboard but I didn’t have any meat so I thought to meself, I thought, ‘go down the co-op John boy and get one of them packets of sliced beef. You can heat it up in the microwave, add some gravy and ‘bob’s yer uncle’ as they say.’

So I takes meself down to the shops. When I got there I notice the butchers shop is open and I thinks to meself, ‘that’s unusual, I wonder why they are open on a Sunday?’

I still have it in me mind to get a packet of sliced beef so I heads into the co-op, never even thinking I could get beef in the butchers.

Anyway, long story short I gets the packet of beef and heads home where I cook meself me roast lunch. Roast potatoes, roast vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and of course the sliced beef with gravy. And though I do say it meself, it was delicious.

So I’m sitting in me chair sleeping off this magnificent repast when the phone rings.

“Hallo,” I says.

It is Tricia calling. “Just checking, if you can look after Dixie and Kylie tomorrow,” she says, “when I go to Liverpool.” Dixie and Kylie are her dogs.

I am puzzled. “I thought you were going to Liverpool today,” I say to her.

“No,” she says. “I am going tomorrow Sunday.”

“Sunday?” I says. “It’s Sunday today.”

“It’s Saturday today,” she says.

“Oh blimey,” I laughs, “I just cooked meself a Sunday roast dinner. I wondered why the butchers was open. I thought they must be stock taking.”

I didn’t tell Tricia that I also wondered why the Chippie’s was open on a Sunday too. Well, I wouldn’t want her to think I’m stupid!

But on the plus side I did enjoy me roast dinner.


  1. I can empathize with your confusion, since I seldom know what day it is.

    A Sunday roast dinner is good any day.

  2. Your dinner sounds delicious. I hardly ever know what day it is any more. I have to keep a calendar on my computer and check it every day to know if I have something special happening.

  3. Don't worry. Some days just feel like other days. Sometimes they really are other days.

  4. Senior moments can be fun...a great meal on any day is good.
    Don't worry sometimes Saturday afternoons can feel like Sundays sometimes....don't know why but they do sometimes.

  5. Nothing beats a roast dinner, even if it is Saturday! Yummo!

  6. All days seem alike lately. Well, not so much lately ... I still remember the day I overslept and rushed out to work only to find it was Sunday. I wondered why the traffic was light and the doors locked!!

    Thanks for the tip about the roast beef... I might just try that idea,