Monday, 21 December 2015

All The Lovely People.

We are nice people you and I aren’t we? Kind, compassionate, loving people. Wouldn’t you agree? Okay, maybe not all the time, but most of the time we strive to be good caring people. I’m not wrong am I?

Multiply us. You, me, our relatives, our friends. Multiply us. Multiply us by a million. Two million. Ten million. Multiply us by a billion. What do you get? You get a hell of a lot of kind, compassionate, loving people that’s what you get.

I just can’t figure out where all the hate in the world comes from.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

No News Is Good News Except When It's Good News.

It's not often one receives good news from the Council but I did today with this hand delivered letter. It is amazing. Read it. It says this is an exceptional decision. It surely is. I have never heard of another case like this where no further action is to be taken. People have to fight for years sometimes and even then the results are disappointing.

It must have been my written statement that did it. As you know from reading this blog dear friend my eloquence is legendary. Mind you, my spoken statement was not so eloquent. Luckily my beautiful daughter Jodie was there to calm me down when my temper flared.

Of course the Council might be being a wee bit disingenuous. They did make quite a few errors in the original enforcement notice all those years ago. This was noted by the Government inspector in his report. And of course they actually forgot to enforce it. But I don't want to make an issue of it although had the case gone to court who knows.

But it is done. The battle is won. I am happy. Happy and relieved.

                Love to you all,


Monday, 7 December 2015

People Get Ready.

Its been more than two weeks since I was interviewed under caution by the local council and they haven't been in touch. Still, no news is good news as they say. Not actually sure that's true but I latch onto even the slightest hope these days. Obviously the council aren't too concerned with my concerns. I am trying not to worry because worrying doesn't solve anything. But I am a bit fed up with my first thought every morning is: I wonder if the council have written to me?

I am doing this post on my new laptop computer. I just found out how to make a video on the webcam. This is the result. It seems I can't stop myself singing no matter what the circumstances.

My beard is long and straggly. I have decided not to trim it until my housing problem gets sorted one way or the other. I might have to start plaiting it soon.