Monday, 21 December 2015

All The Lovely People.

We are nice people you and I aren’t we? Kind, compassionate, loving people. Wouldn’t you agree? Okay, maybe not all the time, but most of the time we strive to be good caring people. I’m not wrong am I?

Multiply us. You, me, our relatives, our friends. Multiply us. Multiply us by a million. Two million. Ten million. Multiply us by a billion. What do you get? You get a hell of a lot of kind, compassionate, loving people that’s what you get.

I just can’t figure out where all the hate in the world comes from.


  1. I have been saying something similar to that for years. I don't understand all the hatred myself.

  2. I can't understand it either. Everything seems to have gone downhill in the last ten years or so. Why are people angry, why are they nasty, we are all in this together. Let's start a happiness campaign.

  3. Oh John, I'm with you on sentiments exactly.
    It boggles my mind how so much hatred has risen up in our lives...or maybe it was here before and we just didn't know it and now the internet brings things to the forefront much quicker.
    I'd love to join Ilona's happiness campaign.

  4. True, there must be billions of people who decline hatred and who are nobody's enemy. I am baffled by some peoples' inability to raise themselves to that idea.

  5. Stopped by to apologise for absence and to tell you that your picture of my Joe was greatly admired by many people on the occasion of his passing.