Thursday, 17 December 2015

No News Is Good News Except When It's Good News.

It's not often one receives good news from the Council but I did today with this hand delivered letter. It is amazing. Read it. It says this is an exceptional decision. It surely is. I have never heard of another case like this where no further action is to be taken. People have to fight for years sometimes and even then the results are disappointing.

It must have been my written statement that did it. As you know from reading this blog dear friend my eloquence is legendary. Mind you, my spoken statement was not so eloquent. Luckily my beautiful daughter Jodie was there to calm me down when my temper flared.

Of course the Council might be being a wee bit disingenuous. They did make quite a few errors in the original enforcement notice all those years ago. This was noted by the Government inspector in his report. And of course they actually forgot to enforce it. But I don't want to make an issue of it although had the case gone to court who knows.

But it is done. The battle is won. I am happy. Happy and relieved.

                Love to you all,



  1. So VERY HAPPY for YOUUU!!!
    I was worried for you and I'm glad that everything worked out okay.

  2. Fantastic news, well done. Now you can get on with your life the way you want to live it.

  3. What relief - - and what a wonderful Christmas present! Congratulations on your victory.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! I was hoping for a good outcome. Now you can enjoy your holiday. Perhaps now you can give us an update on how your family is doing. Of course we will need to know what is new with your animal friends too.

  5. Best news ever... call it a permanent Christmas present. Seriously, I am pleased that everything is hunky-dory again and we can stop worrying.

  6. I am so pleased for you John but wonder how this came about, was it a do gooder do you think.
    Anyway, have a good Christmas.