Thursday, 10 January 2013

Cordially Invited.

Hallo it's me, the miserable sod from yesterdays post.

You are kind you know. If I had read a post like yesterdays I would have said something along the lines of: "Get a grip and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You don't know how lucky you are. There are people starving in the world. You have got a nice life. It's your choice. Get on and enjoy it. Don't come on here feeling all hard done by."

Something along those lines. Yeah that's what I'd have said. Because I can't be doing with miserable types. That's why I didn't like myself yesterday. You didn't have a go at me, which you would have been entitled to do. I mean if I make you unhappy have a go at me for it. I'm fairly certain you don't come here to be faced with doom and gloom. Anyway that's why I think you are kind, and an understanding lot.

It is because of your understanding that you probably know I would not react to an unhappy post in the way I just said I would. I would try to be understanding. Impart a few caring words.

We cannot be full of joy all the time. It is true that people are starving in certain parts of the world, and of course this is very sad. There isn't much I can do about that personally, apart from tossing some change into the collecting tin when I can. What I'm trying to say is that things are all relative. My unhappiness might be a small in the scale of things, but it is still unhappiness. Flipping heck I do ramble on a bit don't I?

I like myself again today. It was a short lived bout of self pity. It doesn't happen often, and when it does I certainly don't feel the need to impose it on others. It was just that I got fed up with being nice. It happens sometimes.

But anyway I am back to my nice self today, and with that in mind I cordially invite you all round to my place for a tea and biscuits party tomorrow at eleven. Please bring your own cup, some biscuits, and a tea bag. Oh and you should bring a chair, I only have one chair and Sadie the German Shepherd has claimed that. While I think of it would you bring a log or a lump of coal for the fire. Thanks. Maybe a pack of firelighters too. It is going to be cold tomorrow. Which reminds me the water might be frozen. Perhaps you ought to bring some bottled water.

Oh how stupid of me. I just realised. I can't do tomorrow. I am going walking with Samantha at eleven. I don't want to miss that. That would make me very unhappy.

So sorry but I shall have to cancel the tea party. We'll make it another time. I'll get back to you on that.


  1. Whoop ! Whoop ! The happy guy is back. Glad to see that. I hope you enjoy the walk tomorrow. I dont drink tea so I wouldnt have brought a teabag just an old bag (me), I am enjoying a can of beer tonight. Its leftover from my Christmas stash. Its called Hobgoblin. Ive never had it before and its amazingly good. I may even have another. Have you ever tried it.

  2. What a delightful resurrection! Bravo, John.

  3. It is a good thing you cancelled when you did. I was near your gate when I got the news. I would have been so disappointed to find you not at home.

  4. Oh, for crying out loud.....I've booked the flight (overnight I'll be tired and grumpy),packed vegan cookies and my favourite coffee (I don't drink tea),arranged a cat sitter,pigeon sitter, and someone to do the housework...I'm out of pocket by about $4000.....could you have a whip round?
    Jane x

  5. Well I didn't read the previous post so I will just take your word for it and just leave a comment for the happy guy. Hope all is well and I am sorry we can't do tea tomorrow. I was looking forward to it. I guess a walk with Samantha is pretty awesome. Hang in there, and take care of yourself. Enjoy your and your weekend.

  6. Enjoy your walk, you deserve it.

  7. I didn't comment yesterday because I was in two minds as to what to say. I don't like to tell people to 'stop moaning about their lot', because sometimes a good moan is what you need. I have been wandering in the wilderness a few times myself, not knowing which direction to take. Sooner or later the fog clears and I can get going again. Emotions are funny things, you can't force yourself to feel what you don't feel.

    Glad you are a bit perkier today. You are a nice guy and I like you that way. All your lifes experiences have turned you into what you are now. You are kind, intelligent, and funny. Don't ever lose those qualities.

    Just give yourself a little time for the ups and downs, the downs will go away with the bad weather. Enjoy the walk with Sam. There is a welcome here for you if you want a change of scenery. xxx

  8. Glad you're in a better place today. We all go into a "funk" sometimes. Sometimes it's over in a couple of hours and sometimes it takes days.
    It seems to me that as I get older, when the "funk" overcomes you, it takes just a bit longer to go.
    Enjoy your walk with Sam.

  9. An occasional 'pity party' isn't an all bad thing. I do mine with streamers and balloons.

    Nice to hear you've got plans to go for a walk about--darn that you now owe Jane and Chris $4000 for the late cancellation.

  10. Crikey, I was just reaching for my coat when I got to the cancellation bit. Talk about a drop in excitement ... I was almost ready to drink tea at your place. Enjoy your walk.

  11. I am getting the impression that you think that most of the people who stop by here and leave comments actually read what you have written.

  12. There is a line between pathetic winger and silent martyr. I think it can be quite unhealthy NEVER to unburden and give voice to our woes. I'm pretty sure you have the balance right and most of the time you are a self-deprecating humorous philosophical chap.
    Big LOL to Jerry though for the above comment!

  13. A pity party is OK as long a it doesn't go on indefinitely. I think that a good 24 hr one is best...too bad the tea party plans are off, but then I would not have been able to attend.