Monday, 7 December 2015

People Get Ready.

Its been more than two weeks since I was interviewed under caution by the local council and they haven't been in touch. Still, no news is good news as they say. Not actually sure that's true but I latch onto even the slightest hope these days. Obviously the council aren't too concerned with my concerns. I am trying not to worry because worrying doesn't solve anything. But I am a bit fed up with my first thought every morning is: I wonder if the council have written to me?

I am doing this post on my new laptop computer. I just found out how to make a video on the webcam. This is the result. It seems I can't stop myself singing no matter what the circumstances.

My beard is long and straggly. I have decided not to trim it until my housing problem gets sorted one way or the other. I might have to start plaiting it soon.


  1. Perhaps I can offer you some hope. I recently received a letter from the city hall. It seems that they wanted me to make some changes to some of the outdoor electrical equipment. I spent approximately $2000.00 so that there was no danger of fire. This is after I had the main box repaired a couple of years ago by their suggestion for an electrician. That box was one of many things to be replaced. That is a lot of money for me to spend. About two days after my repairs were complete the city hall had and electrical fire and burned to the ground! What goes around...

  2. Back again. I enjoyed your video although a couple of times your voice dimmed when you turned from the camera. And please don't braid your beard. I hate that!

  3. Keep your pecker up John, councils take ages to do anything. Hope it turns out well for you.

  4. You've lived on this site for what, 16 years? With or without permission for residential use, that should constitute council consent. If you have an address, you are a legal resident. Is someone or some nine-jointed godless reptile of a developer trying to buy the property? You need a lawyer. All my best wishes and hopes for continued domestic tranquility.