Monday, 22 August 2011

The Strange Case Of The Vanishing Oatbran.

Dear friends,
            May I start by saying thank you for all your comments on my experimental post of two days ago. They were greatly appreciated.
            It is easy to imagine sometimes that I might be all alone in the world. Especially writing late at night, and that my words are disappearing into what I believe is known as cyber space. Never to be seen again. Anyway things did improve for a few hours, and I felt reassured.
            Strange how this blogging business has taken hold of me. If I take a day off from it, I become unsettled. I thought I had a life, I really did. I am definitely going to have to get a grip. Tell myself that nothing bad will happen if I miss the odd day posting.
            Blogger is still messing me about. My followers have disappeared from the page again. I know this is a common and recurring problem for most of you too. But the thing is I really like to see you all there in your little boxes at the top of my page. After all it is you that makes the whole process of blogging so worthwhile. It is the fact that you have taken the time to become followers, which makes me keep going. Oh I know that I am writing for myself, but the fact that I put my efforts on here for the whole world to see makes it pretty obvious that I do it for you also.
            This morning when I went to have a look at your blogs, I was told quite categorically, that I am not following any blogs at all. Well that hurt, I can tell you. I let my imagination go into overdrive. I mean suppose you looked at my profile and saw that. You would be inclined to think that I had forsaken you. Let me assure you, that I have not. Can I also assure you that I do read your posts. I know that sometimes I don't comment, but that is purely down to time restraints. Sometimes I have to work. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but I need money to live even my frugal lifestyle. When I say that it is purely down to time restraints that is not entirely true. There are times when I just can't think of a comment, or someone else has got there before me.
            I am very puzzled about the post which disappeared without trace. The silly one I wrote about oatbran and stuff. It published OK, and then suddenly vanished. What the hell happened to it? Where did it go? Some of your comments vanished also. Everything came back after a couple of days. But where had it all been? I hate not knowing. I like to have control over these things.
            So now I wait for everything to sort itself out. I need to do some serious writing, but I am not going to risk losing a masterpiece. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

                                       Yours faithfully,
                                             John (the hub) Bain.


  1. Perhaps your blog has selective amnesia. It is an interesting concept.

  2. It sounds like you have become addicted. Sometimes you just have to let go and say to yourself that sometimes other things are more important than blogging.
    It is sooo frustrating when blogger plays up.

  3. Your followers' pictures are on show today but not mine. I'm one of those that Blogger refuses to show on certain blogs simply because I once changed my photograph. Sob!

    Some people can take or leave blogging, then there are the others who can't live without it. It's addictive and I love it.

  4. Not a figment of imagination, I remember the, hang on, it was oatmeal, no mushrooms,no a rat on a newspaper.....was it really there?
    Jane x

  5. Posting late at night and/or while consuming adult beverages has gotten me into a bit of mischief.

  6. It's so good to know I'm not alone...haha! Now what did I say before...B***dy blogger!! Perhaps all our missing posts will turn up one day on bloggers blog?? Maa

  7. I admit I'm a bit addicted too. I usually only post about once a week but if it goes past that I start to get figity, like what if they all go away if I don't keep them interested? Don't feel like you have to post daily. We'll always be here, just waiting like the rats.

  8. Are things EVER normal in blog land? I'll admit that I have a blogging addiction but I refuse to get help for it.

  9. You're obviously not alone in becoming addicted to blogging. I went over two years without missing a day of posting something. Just the thought of being able to communicate with people from all over the planet is fascinating. Vanishing time finally slowed me down.

  10. Hi John.. I think I am also addicted though there are days when I feel a bit worn out so my mind is completely blank for ideas and as for commenting i know what you mean sometimes I feel a bit rushed because real life starts to butt in (how dare it)! and other times I just can't think of anything interesting to say...Ialso feel that when I am in a 'quiet thoughtful' frame of mind I find it harder to comment. It is a bit like chatting to people - sometimes you just don't feel like it. x