Friday, 12 August 2011

Discovering The Difference Between Boys and Girls.

Sandra is being a bit secretive. She and Violet are doing whispering behind their hands, and they keep looking at me and giggling. It is a bit annoying because I am trying to read my book. It is a good one about the 'famous five'.
Sandra and Violet are whispering.
If I was forced to like a girl, Sandra would be the one I would like. Luckily, no one can force me to like girls, but if they could, I would like her the best. But only because she has got dark brown shiny hair, with a ribbon at each side, and also she is a bit prettier than other girls.
But anyway I don't like girls. They whisper, and they don't like football.
I am eight years old, and girls are horrible.
She skips across the room to where I am sitting, struggling to make sense of some long words in my book, "you and me is on counterpanes," she says, giggling.
Oh no! I hate folding counterpanes, especially with a girl. They always have to get things neat and tidy. It takes ages.
Every night before bedtime the counterpanes have to be taken off the beds and folded up. Tonight it is me and Sandra's turn to do it. Boring. I would much rather be reading my book.
There are two dormitories upstairs. Six beds in each one. We start in the girls dormitory.
"Do you want to have a do?" asks Sandra.
"A do. Do you want a do? Don't you know what a do is?" She sounds a bit puzzled.
She lies down on the bed and pulls her knickers down to her knees. "come and have a look," she invites, pulling her dress up.
I am horrified, "Sandra," I say in a worried voice, "You're not allowed to have your shoes on the bed."
"Come and look at it," she says again. She doesn't seem to care about having her shoes on. But if Auntie May, the housemother finds out, she would get in real trouble. "Do you want to have a look or not?"
Reluctantly I take a look, but I can't see anything. She doesn't even have a willy.
"Let me see yours now," she says, pulling her knickers up.
"Come on, fairs fair. I showed you mine."
"You ain't even got one," I protested.
"Just let me have a quick look. Please. I won't tell, honest."
I give in and drop my trousers. She looks at it for a long time, before suddenly saying, "come on, we better get these counterpanes folded."
Later downstairs, I am trying to read my book. I notice that Sandra and Violet are looking at me and whispering again.
Violet comes over. "You and me is on counterpanes tomorrow," she says giggling.
Oh no! I hate girls.


  1. John, when reading this, I was suspecting "do" to be the actual act of "doing it" and much relieved that it was only a "peep" show.

  2. OK...took me a bit to figure out what a "do" was.LOL!
    But....I grew-up calling the outer bed cover a "counterpin"! Now I finally know where that noun came from!!! Thanks! (BTW...I am a mix of Scot-Irish and Cherokee.)

  3. You had me giggling. Sort of what most kids do at some time.

  4. I wonder where Sandra and Violet are now?
    Jane x

  5. Yeah, you can't beat a good book.....grins.

  6. Oh my gosh that was funny. I hope it got better as you got older.

  7. This reminded me of the time I caught my daughter and the little boy up the street out behind the corn in the garden :)

  8. I wonder if Sandra and Vilet have their own blogs :)

  9. I guess Vilet is another one of those horrible little girls, VIOLET too. My mind is not on my writing this morning, where's the coffee pot?