Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Angry And Upset. I Have To Stop Writing Now. Liberalism, Pah!

I'm upset and angry about so called riots which are happening all over England. Are they riots? Isn't it really just gangs of moronic idiots behaving like thugs and criminals? Low intelligence thugs and criminals at that. Mindless zombies. The areas they are so set on destroying are the places where they live.
I love this country. It was mother and father to me when I was growing up. I owe my country so much. So many good people have died for it. To keep us free.
I have to stop writing now. Being angry and upset is not a good mood in which to express an opinion. I am on the verge of saying things I might later regret. Or even be arrested for. We are no longer able to express our feelings freely, for fear of upsetting people. For fear of upsetting those who would, indeed are, destroying our beautiful country and it's freedoms. Do you see what I mean? As I say, I have to stop writing now


  1. John, you're up late tonight. Our hearts are breaking at what is happening in the UK. I heard that the phrase is 'we police by consent'. What the @@##??? Get the water cannons out...a jet of ice cold water , enough to scrape the rioters/looters/morons asses across the ground and give them a road burn they'll never forget and I can sleep in peace knowing my elderly parents are not being terrorized.
    Now I have to go before I say something!
    Take care everyone
    Jane x

  2. I do sympathize. I lived in Detroit during the riots in 1967. It was a frightful and senseless time. So many have painted it as a race riot, but it was not totally. And the neighborhoods that were destroyed were the neighborhoods of poor people who had no means to rebuild and no place else to go. I have been following the situation in England with a great deal of interest. I hope they settle down soon.
    Your painting at the top is wonderful.

  3. It is a sad and worrying time for the the whole world but especially the English. It appears to be a breakdown of society. Some of the video footage is sickening. Stay safe and calm if possible.

  4. I know EXACTLY how you feel. These people are scumbags who have no right to be on this earth. I long to air my views somewhere where SOMEONE will listen but I can't. Anyway, there aren't enough rotten expletives to help get my point across. Your painting perfectly expresses your mood.

  5. I agree with you very much. I just got through saying some of the same things about a similarly senseless thing.