Sunday, 21 August 2011

What The Dickens Is It About Rats?

It is just after midnight, so I suppose another Monday has rolled around. There is just me and Sadie the German Shepherd in the wagon right now. I have no idea where Bonnie the cat is. Oh that's a silly statement! I do have an idea where she is: probably out hunting. Some poor little creature is about to meet it's doom. If that creature happens to be a rat, well that's OK by me. Any other creature though and I do get a little upset. Hold on now, just a minute! What's with the rat hate? Why is a rats life less important than say, a mouse, or a shrew?
"Live and let live Guv"
Look, I didn't start this post to talk about wildlife. I started it to let you know that I am not blogging tonight. I just wanted to say goodnight, that's all. I'm going to read a couple of chapters of Great Expectations and then hopefully drift off to sleep for a couple of hours. It will be just a couple of hours,because after that period of time I will wake up needing a pee. It is just something you have to put up with as you get older, but it is a bloody nuisance. I can't remember when I last had a decent full nights sleep. No wonder I feel so tired all the time.
Dickens London
Dickens is a marvelous story teller. I love the way he describes the London of his time. I would love to go back in time and have a look at the buildings. They sound so beautifully ramshackle. Of course for the poor people who lived in them, life was incredibly difficult. London was full of disease. Poverty was everywhere. Life expectancy was very low, and infant mortality was commonplace. Vermin, particularly rats thrived in the sewage drenched streets.
Rats! Back to those dirty creatures again. Well I'm not getting involved. I'm off to bed. I'll just say this about rats, and peoples aversion to them. It could be down to the fact that they get a very bad press.
Anyway, as I say, I am not going to write a blog post tonight. Bonnie is not back yet, but she has her cat flap. Hope she doesn't bring anything nasty through it.
Good night, sleep tight.


  1. Wakey, wakey!
    There was a respectable looking rat in our garden recently, seen once only. I reckon the fox got him. Yes, they do have a bad press.

  2. Haven't seen a rat here....I think the coyotes eat them!
    Jane x

  3. Well, I hope Bonnie didn't bring back any surprises for you last night. I had a pet rat once. It was white and a little boy I knew said I could have it, cage and all. I was about eight. My mum took one look at it, at my excitement of having a new pet. Three days later it was gone and she told me it missed its mummy so much she had to take it back to the little boy's mum. No more rats came into our house.

  4. Haha- Bonnie can catch the wild ones, but we better walk softly around our favorite Ratty.

  5. Hi John, so are you sure wou were not doing a blog post? Odd but it read like one to me. Hope Bonnie the cat returned without any "presents" and that you were able to get in some reading. I'mm going to do that now and then hopefully fall asleep soon after.