Monday, 1 August 2011

Manipulation? It's Difficult To Get My Head Around.

Usually when a woman asks me to lie down on her couch, I think to myself, "aye, aye, Johnny boy, looks like your charms have worked the old magic again".
Not that I will allow situations like this to happen too frequently these days. I have to hold myself back a lot of the time from intimate encounters.
Women do tend to find me irresistible, and do throw themselves at me with a reckless abandon, which to be honest, at my age I can find a bit intimidating. So the truth is, I tend these days to limit the amount of physical contact I allow myself to have with the opposite sex. I feel it is the decent, and kindest to thing to do. So many of the fairer sex have been disappointed in the past.
When I say they have been disappointed, I am of course not referring to my abilities as a lover. That, it goes without saying really, has never been a problem for the lucky ones involved. No, what I mean is, that I just cannot spread myself thinly enough to accommodate all the ladies who want me. Oh dear, it is just so sad that there is only one of me, so unfair. I suppose that is the reason so many women just have to settle for second best.
Today though the couch in question belonged to the physiotherapist, and although she was an attractive lady, and I could immediately sense her interest in me, I thought it best to keep things on a professional level.
She began by asking me really personal questions, like, how many pillows do I have on my bed? Do I sleep well? Do I sleep on my right or my left side? Do I smoke? Do I drink? Things like that. There were so many questions that I can't remember most of them.
Then she got me to lay on my back on the couch and pushed my head through a hole. She said it was because she wanted to stretch my neck. That is not the first time someone has said that to me. Anyway when she did that I got really extremely dizzy and began to whine like a baby, "I want to sit up," I cried. But she then showed her mean side, and pushed my head down even further. Oh it was horrible!
"I don't like you any more," I sobbed, when finally she relented. But then she suddenly twisted my head to one side, and told me to keep my nose pressed against the couch. She made sure that I obeyed by pushing down on my head with both hands. Just to compound things further she did the same on the other side.
When she eventually let me sit up, she had the cheek to ask me how I felt.
"Awful," I cried,wiping my eyes with a tissue. "That's the first and last time I allow myself to be manipulated by a woman."
She looked at me through eyes that I could not help noticing, were very beautiful. "Really?" she said.


  1. I want to know how you kept your nose pressed to the couch when she twisted your head to the other side.

  2. John, I was laughing so hard at this post that I may need a visit as well!

  3. Your post is enough to make anyone dizzy.

  4. LOL very good I love visiting ...I won't unplug my hub while you keep posting up wee crackers like this

  5. Oh please! You bring back some unpleasant memories of 'adventures' on couches and beds for me. Out! Out! Out! There I've vanquished them for another day.

  6. I love reading your posts. You can even make pain sound amusing. Although I suppose that if it were my pain I would fail to see as much humor in it

  7. oh, it must be a horrible experience, being manipulated by force and you have no way to fight back :( hope all conditions are well after the check up.

  8. I don't think I'm as experienced as you are. I've never been in that much pain on a couch.

  9. Well I hope at least the treatment worked for you. Maybe too soon to tell?

  10. I was waiting for you to tell us that she was wearing black leather and carrying a whip! ..... You wish!! The story may have had a happier ending I guess.....hehe! Maa