Tuesday, 12 July 2011

John Bain Is Unwell. He Is Off His Spinning Top.

The inbox was really full up, so I decided to delete all my emails. That was about an hour ago. I have just checked my emails again. There is nothing there. It's been an hour. No emails. Not even spam! Why did I delete everything. Now I know for certain that nobody loves me.
Maybe I have too much time on my hands at the moment. Too much time for introspection.
Actually I am unwell. Have been for a couple of weeks. The Doctor has given me tablets. Sometimes I think they are working. Sometimes I think they are not. Right now as I sit here writing this, they are most definitely not. My head keeps spinning. Not literally! I am not an extra from the film 'The Exorcist'. Oh dear oh dear! Why did I say that? Now I have to look up how to spell exorcist. It doesn't look right to me.
I'm back! That is the correct spelling. Anyway as I was saying. My head is spinning. The Doctor thinks it is a condition called 'labrinthitis'. An inner ear infection. I'm not convinced. I bet it is something far more serious. Besides, everyone I talk to has had labrinthitis. Which makes it far too run of the mill for me. Far too common. If I'm going to be ill I prefer something a little more exotic. But easily curable of course.
Start in the centre. Quickly follow the black line with you eyes. That's how my head feels.
The word 'to' or 'too' is bothering me now. I am having trouble knowing which to use. Ah yes! That was the correct usage in the sentence before I said 'Ah yes'. Excuse me while I go back to the beginning of the second paragraph and change a couple of to's to too.
I have just changed two to's to too, which is not something a lot of people have to do, or say, very often. Another unique moment in my life.
Are you still there? That is so kind of you. I know I have been rambling on a bit.
I have just read the leaflet that came with the tablets. They are called prochlorperazine maleate. They are for treating dizziness or balance problems. One of their other uses, it says here, is to treat, over active behaviour or thoughts. Fortunately that is not something that bothers me. They are also used to treat schizophrenia. Do you think the Doctor is keeping something from me? Maybe he is trying to tell me something. Well it's not working if he is.
Oh my word! I have just had a read of the possible side effects of these pills. Scary stuff. Wish I hadn't looked.
Two hours. Still no emails. So it must be true then. Nobody loves me. Hey! Wait a second. This isn't schizophrenia. This is paranoia. Hey! I'm on the wrong tablets. I had better get back to the Doctors. Wish my head would stop spinning, so I could determine which direction his surgery is in.
Perhaps I had better give my blog a bit of a miss today. Yes, sorry everyone, no blog today. I'm not thinking straight. It would probably be a lot of rambling rubbish. You deserve better than that.


  1. I've had dizzy spinning a couple of times, usually when I lie down or get up. Not in between. If you could you send a few of your tablets via email it would guarantee a reply. Just think, another email in your box. You'd be asking the doctor for tranquilisers after such an event. Seriously, I hope you feel a lot better soon. Remember to take things slow and don't bend your head to often.

  2. Here's an email for you. I suffer off and on from Vertigo so I understand your plight. The anti-dizzy meds just seem to make it worse. Keep head movements to a minimum and take it easy for awhile. You are not schizophrenic! Wait....who said that.

  3. The pills the doctor gave you may not be working on what ails you but it appears that they have given you a whole slew of new symptoms. Maybe they will work on those.
    Hope you feel better soon

  4. You silly goose! I had a feeling from your sporadic postings that things were not right. If your medication is causing problems call your doctor and tell him. Otherwise, just enjoy your euphoria while it lasts. Take care of yourself and keep us posted on how you are doing. There are people who care about you.

  5. *chuckle* I've got a smile on my face now, so thanks for the post you didn't write today!

  6. Here's hoping you feel better very soon, but you do make me chuckle, love reading your witticisms and I leave smiling. I've been off line all day, and am glad to be visiting again. And thank you for wishing me a happy birthday :)

  7. Why don't you just 'go with the flow'? You don't want to live to be 99 anyway. All you'll have to do then - is twiddle your thumbs in a nursing home, while waiting for God.
    'Labyrinthitis' Yup! Me too! I was put on Stematol which is used for nausea and laughed. Strange thing though...it worked! Maa.

  8. Oh My! Now my head is spinning from reading this post.LOL!
    All drugs are scary. Wishing you Health!

  9. you are very funny even when you are feeling bad. better hold on to something tight if you are going to keep spinning.

  10. LOL! (again)........Now I really must go I have other blogs to read....

    'read one more post...ach go on go on go on...ach ya will ya will ya will ya will ya will...aye ya will! take a wee bit of John's wit with your morning tea it'll be a good start to your day!'