Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Blow To My Blog Statistics.

It has occurred to me that not posting anything on my blog, risks losing some of my readers, who are very important to me. Also of course, it tends to decimate the stats, which I have worked so hard to build up, and which I now find are also important to me. The problem is, that when I feel poorly, I sometimes just can't muster up the enthusiasm, and I've been below par for over a month now.
Another thing is, that if I mention I am unwell too often it makes me sound like a whinging hypochondriac, which I am not. So rather than sound what I am not, I just don't write anything.
I have been lucky healthwise, so far in my life and I count my blessings for it. Also I am sure that you don't come here to listen to my health woes. I want my blog to welcome you. My purpose in being here is to entertain, inform and occasionally, hopefully make you smile. Even if it then sometimes brings a tear to your eye.
This morning I am feeling better, which hopefully is the start of a continued improvement. Although I am still coughing badly, which is strange because I have been practising all night.
From this day onward I will not be mentioning my health, except to let you know how I get on with the head jerking physiotherapist. Which treatment I have had to cancel yet again. However it is now scheduled for Monday morning. If it works, and I am quite hopeful it will. I will be back to my usual happy, confident self. Perhaps the words will once again tumble profusely from my untidy mind via my grubby unmanicured fingers. Oh how I do hope so!
They are there, I know. I can hear my Mother calling now, "what lies are you going to tell about me today?" Jimmy is right beside me also. He is not saying much. He was always a man of few words, but I shall find more. Fergie hasn't been around for a while. Perhaps he has been drinking again.
There are stories there. Any amount of anecdotes are waiting in the shadows. They are just a little reluctant to reveal themselves at the moment. But when I am fully recovered they will be back.
In the meantime I shall just sit at my keyboard and write. As I am doing today. I need to get those stats back up again, but more importantly I want you to keep coming back. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but you, you especially, are very important to me.


  1. I am glad you are feeling a little better. I look forward to your posts because they always arouse some emotion in me. It might be anger or indignation but more often than not, you make me smile. Your sad, but humorous tale of being ill took me outside myself for a few minutes at a time that I was very unhappy. You made me smile and brought out the teasing side of me. My brother had just died and of course I was missing him. I thank you for the break you gave me.

  2. Whoa! Sadie's eyes scared me when your header loaded.LOL!
    Dang...sometimes we just don't have the time or are unable to do write a post. It happens to me because I work full-time and do have a life other being online.
    I like your drawing (smile) and am glad you are recovering and have an appointment at the Dizzy Doctor.
    P.S. I will look forward to seeing your wagon.:)

  3. We'll be here when your brain gets going again. Ready for more truths or lies.

  4. I used to worry about losing readers too. I used to post every single day for over two years. But after quite awhile of not being well enough to do it anymore I accepted that it just doesn't matter so much. Some readers dropped off, but the good ones always come back. Your writing is too good for anyone to stay away for too long. And sometimes writing about being sick can be interesting too.

  5. What stats? What I do tonot lose my fixed visitors isalso tovisit them always as well...Give and take.:=)

  6. I'm happy that you are feeling better... why, because I miss having a laugh when reading your amusing posts. Which reminds me, I really must cut my nails today. Have a nice one.

  7. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I feel so tired that I imagine I am ill (though I think I really could be)! My mind doesn't work except to think panicky thoughts like 'what am I going to write today!'....& the day doesn't feel right if I don't make an effort to blog (I know - i'm sad) We have definitely got an addiction! :)

  8. I enjoy your stories. btw How are you feeling?


  9. Don't feel bad about writing how you feel. That's what makes you--you. And that's why I come back. I invite you to read two of my posts about Vertigo, I sound downright pathetic.

    People come and go for many different reasons. It's not usually for what you write. But I'd rather have the few that love me stick around than hundreds that don't give a hoot about me. And I give a hoot about you so I will always be back!

  10. Hi John, glad you are feeling better. Don't be concerned about not posting daily. Sometimes, I can't read blogs every day or post to all those I do read. And you should always post what you are thinking cause it makes you more interesting.

  11. Considering the fact that you can write a more interesting post when you are under the weather than I can on my best day, I will continue to come back whenever you write one. If it's a day, a week or a month, if you write it I will read it.