Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sadie The German Shepherd Gets Her Revenge.

So lover boy John is thinking of relegating me to the kennel is he? Huh! There is not a cats chance in hell of that happening. He talks the talk but when it comes down to it, he can't walk the walk.

I'll tell you something for nothing. Most of the mess in this wagon is caused by him, and that's the truth. Yesterday he was sitting in my favourite chair having a cup of tea with his muddy wellington boots on. Can you believe it! So please do not be concerned for me. It ain't gonna happen.

A few weeks ago he was complaining about Bonnie the ginger cat's pawprints. He told her he was going to lock the cat flap so she couldn't just go in and out when she feels like it. That resolution lasted all of five minutes. "Come on in Bon Bon, it's cold out there" I heard him say, "Come and snuggle in bed with me." Yeah, he's a tough guy all right.

I am beginning to extract little bits of revenge on him for what he said in yesterdays blog. This morning while he was lying snoring in his new memory foam bed, I put my smelly marrowbone on the pillow next to his head, and then I stuck my cold nose in his ear. He sat up right sharpish and when he lay down again he cracked his head on the bone! So funny! It really is the little things that make life so pleasant.

I waited until we got to the park today, before I did my number twos. He hates it when that happens. To make it even worse I waited until we were well past the poo bin before I did it. He had to walk all the way back to deposit my offering. You should have heard the language he used. Disgraceful.

He is feeling guilty about what he said. I can read him like a book. This afternoon for instance he keeps on wanting to play ball. I think he sees it as a rebonding thing. I go along with it. He does need the exercise after all.

He is getting ready to go out tonight. He has got a date! Yes I know, wonders will never cease. I suspect the lady in question might be partially sighted!

I shall see how I feel before he goes out. If I feel in the need for a bit more revenge, I shall wait until he is all dressed up and tidy, and I might jump up at him with my muddy paws and give him a goodbye lick!

Me. Back in the kennel? No way!

Lots of love to you.

Sadie Bain. xxx


  1. Sadie, I know you've got him licked.
    Jane xxx

  2. Oh, so he's gone out with a floosie tonight then. I was thinking that we might skype together, just fancy a bit of a natter, but if he is otherwise engaged I will go to bed with my pussies.

  3. Sadie, I recommend restraint on these "bits of revenge". Trading hostilities can ruin a friendship. Didn't want to worry you but dog noses are an untapped source of high-grade rubber and fetch a good price.

  4. Sadie you are on the right track, but I recommend the sad brown eyes when he leaves rather than the jump up.

  5. Well Sadie I say good for you. I for one had every intentions of hiding my moms battery charger so she could no longer visit if John kept to his word.
    Your pal Duke

  6. You go, Sadie! I like the bone trick. It shows imagination. You can always wait until he is ready to go out on his date and rub all over him. The hair left on his clothes would cause problems of all sorts. And it is a non-violent act. He cannot blame you for loving him,can he?

  7. And THIS is why Mel doesn't have pets.

    *shaking head and laughing*

  8. Sadie is such a talented, sneaky dog. She is the only dog I know who can type. :)

  9. Way to go Sadie. I was getting ready to pack my bags and come over there and give you a hand, like to build John a kennel of his own ;-)

  10. Sadie, you are one in a million. I like your style.

  11. Chortling here like an old whatever! Very funny post, Sadie.

  12. Oh Sadie, it will never happen. He loves you too much to do that. Just keep wagging that tail.

  13. Sadie- you just have to be patient with these humans. They don't always get it right. Maggie the Vizsla

  14. Shh Sadie, don't tell him I told you, but my mum heard it straight from the silly softy's mouth, and she told me! He's just giving it large trying to act like the boss! (Haha, like they ever are) He's gonna build a porch onto the wagon for you, hee hee, all your fans have given him hell, hee hee.
    See you soon, woof woof
    Your buddy

  15. Sadie is my girl! I LOVE her, so don't mess with her.
    They have a way into our hearts....we can never escape.
    She has Brownie on her side, so be careful.