Monday, 26 November 2012

Thanks For The Memory Foam.

What shall I write about tonight? Shall I even Bother? I can't make my mind up. Why did I put a capital B on bother? Dunno.

What time is it? 9.37. I might go to bed. Broadband keeps disappearing tonight it really is annoying, I'm just about to do something and sud.... Oh boll... Oh sh... oh for fu..

It's back again. I don't know how long for. I shall have to write fast it could go off again any se...

Sorry about that. It's the blue light in the middle. It won't stay on. Hold on I shall take a picture and show you while it is still on. Stay on. Stay on. Oh b.....

My home hub. It stayed on long enough.

Today I have been converting my car into a campervan. It is a big car, a people carrier, so it has enough room to convert. I took all the back seats out. Now it has a bench seat. I made it out of some old wooden pallets. My mate Samantha gave me two foam mattresses she didn't need, and I have made a bench seat/bed with them. I have also put a little gas cooker in there. Now I need some curtains. I already have a lot of camping equipment from the last campervan I had. The one I sold for next to nothing. Now you have to pay a fortune for one. I am talking about the Volkwagen. Fantastic little things. I sold it because it was collapsing with rust. I should have kept it and repaired it. You can still get all the bits for them. One day I shall get another. In the meantime this will do for me and Sadie the German Shepherd to go further afield.

Also I shall be able to have more than one drink in the pub if I wish, and be able to sleep it off. Not that I would do that. Have too much to drink I mean! Sadie might though.

I need to make that cupboard, which is actually an old wooden toolbox, look a bit nicer, and fix a curtain across the front seats and the side windows, and there it is, a home from home. What with the house down the garden, my wagon, the Tipi and now this I have more homes than Paul McCartney/ David Beckham/ The Queen/ Donald Trump, and whoever else you can think of that is rich as Croesus, whoever he is.

Amazing isn't it? I have been rushing to write this before Broadband went again, and it has stayed on. Typical!

I am going to bed now. If Broadband stays on I shall watch a film on my laptop. Not that kind of film! Really some people! I like watching old black and white films. Particularly fond of the Ealing comedies.

Bed! That reminds me. I have a new mattress. Memory foam. I hope it remembers me. We haven't been properly introduced yet. It might not even like me! I shall wear pajamas tonight, so it gets a good impression of me. Ha ha impression of me. Memory foam. D'you get it?


  1. What a terrific camper conversion concept with recombined components! And I love the gentle humor of this post.

  2. Well, Sadie will be very comfortable with the bed, but where will you sleep? Not wise to try to throw a drunk German Shepherd out of your bed.
    Jane x

  3. John, what are you up to now?
    A campervan/car sounds like a good idea that only you can bring to fruition.
    Don't forget Sadie needs her own bed too!!

  4. ah lifestyles of the rich and famous. You're really going places John

  5. Just think... you can have a home at the beach, in the mountains, and even in another country. It is so nice to know someone of means.

  6. Hey, did you notice that on your header photo, the tent looks like it has a face? Look carefully, it has two eyes, a nose and a big mouth with a fire in it. Do you see it?

  7. I hope you are going to make a trip up north in your camper van. There's a welcome here for you if you do.

  8. Hope you are not going to sleep in that with the gas cylinder inside as people have been known to die from that. I expect you know that, just playing mummy. Have a great time. I love camping!

  9. Which Ealing Comedies do you like John? I really like British films.

  10. I like your new camper van. Years (and more years) ago we had a Volkswagen. It was brilliant for camping. Oooh I've gone all sad now thinking about it ... I want it back. One morning I woke to find three policeman watching the van. Apparently they'd looked in and saw me and my (then) red hair and thought I was a person reported missing. T'wasn't me but I'm glad they found me 'cause they were super handsome coppers. They were a lovely sight to wake up to. Sigh!
    I hope you tell us what the memory foam mattress was like. I could do with a memory jogger....grins.

  11. Mr BC and I wouldn't trade our memory foam mattress for any amount of money. We get the best night sleep ever. It doesn't do too much for my memory though.