Sunday, 11 November 2012

Money For Old Rope.

"I wish I was a politician."

"No you don't John. That is silly talk. Why on earth would you want that?"

"So that I could get paid thousands for talking through my backside."

"That is very cynical John. Some politicians talk a lot of sense."

"Name one of them please."

"OK then. Challenge accepted. Number one, er.....erm... Oh"

"Come on. I haven't got all day. Just one that's all. Just one."

"Er...Er...I can't think at the moment. It's too short notice."

"So you cannot bring to mind one politician who talks sense.?"

"Not right now. Give me time."

"I think I have proved my point."

"You do talk a lot of nonsense John."



  1. Billy Connolly once said "the desire to be a politician should bar you from ever being one."
    I'm with Billy.
    Jane x

    1. Ha ha ! Well said jane (and Billy).

  2. Ok ... I've had a catch up with your blog. Had a good laugh for breakfast and to start my day. Thanks John. Sue

  3. Perish the thought of becoming a politician...I want to continue reading your blog which makes perfect sense all the time.

  4. Not a known language in that world!

  5. I think you were make a perfectly acceptable candidate :)

  6. I'd say you're more statesman than politician. Here, a statesman is somebody we feel safe naming a school after.

  7. If I said you'd make a good politician would you take it the wrong way :O)

  8. Forgot to say, framing is in progress!!!!!!

  9. I agree with Valerie ;) and I always leave here with a smile on my face.