Monday, 11 May 2015

My New Camera

Found this hedgehog in the paddock late last night. Really pleased to know it is still here. Loving my new camera, so many different functions. Modern technology. Amazing. I could never have photographed this in the old days. Wind on the film. Make sure you got enough film left. Unwind it. Take it to the chemist to be developed, Think about buying a packet of condoms while you are there. Go back ten days later to collect the photos. Think about buying a packet of condoms while you are there. When you get home find out they have given you someone else's photos. Take them back. Collect your own photos. Discover they haven't come out and there is a little note recommending you remember to take the lens cap off next time. Think about buying a packet of condoms. Go home disappointed. Go back to chemist the next day determined to pluck up the courage to buy a packet of condoms. Buy a new toothbrush instead. Yes indeed modern cameras are brilliant!


  1. Excellent photo of hedgehog late at night. Best viewed with a strong flashlight. Thanks John, I needed cheering up.

  2. Well done, John. Glad I was able to enlarge the picture for a better view..

  3. Wow you captured the hedgehog really well...I may have to trade my camera in for one like yours...well done!!