Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What Katie Did Advert Clicked With Me.

Oi Blogger! Where's my adverts? What have you done with 'em? Why have you dropped 'em? Completely without warning too.

Have I upset you? Is that it?

Hold on, just a cotton picking minute!

Does it have anything to do with me clicking on that sexy lingerie ad?

The What Katie Did one?

I bet it does. It was soon after I broke the rules by doing so, that all the adverts disappeared from my page.

Well, this is just to let you know, that I'm not bothered. I was thinking of getting rid of adverts anyway. They spoil the look of my page.

Besides which, I only earned £8.92p in a year, and 10p of that was for clicking on the lingerie ad!

It's just not worth the aggravation.

What about my £8.92p by the way? What happens to that?

I'll tell you what. You can keep it.

No! Hang on! I've changed my mind. You can't keep it.

Give it to charity.

The AWHLM. That one. The Association for the Welfare of Hosiery and Lingerie Models. I'd like to help them.

By the way. If you don't want the rules broken, I suggest that you stop putting sexy lingerie adverts on the page.

What d'you expect a man to do? Ignore an ad like that!

That's not possible.

You know I like stockings and suspenders. I've mentioned it enough times on this very blog.

Come on! Did you really expect me not to click on it?

I'm a bloke. A real man. I couldn't help myself!

It's all your fault!


  1. that's the way to tell them :)

  2. I used to manage a blog of my husbands which had ads on it. Sometimes it was very tempting to click on an one, some of them looked so interesting. So I can see why you did it. I agree though, I like a blog without them. I'd rather look at Sadie and Ginger, and you of course.

  3. Oh dear! I've never had any ads on my blog.

  4. That on was particularly appealing. Sorry you got your hand slapped.

  5. Crikey! You mean you actually have to pay for clicking on the ads? I was thinking about having ads... that's put me off now. It's not much of a reward for a year. Like you say, it's not worth it.

  6. Sounds like a right old minefield having ads on blogs, although I wouldn't be tempted by the Katie ad. For some reason I was thinking of that Katie who used to do the Oxo ads.

  7. There you go with the stockings again. You will never learn your lesson where stockings are concerned!

  8. Hi, I followed you from Lea's blog. She mentioned you were funny :) I think I'll wander around