Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Dreaming, Scheming, Ne'er Do Well. Who Me?

Sorry about this folks, but I have been dreaming again. This one has me a bit worried about my morals. Obviously only a bit worried, otherwise I don't think I'd be telling you about it. Although from the things I have already divulged about myself maybe I would. Heart on sleeve kind of a bloke, that's me.

This dream has me in a small shop not far from where I live. In the next village actually. It is a small general store, run by a friendly Asian couple.

I mention there ethnicity purely because I'm not sure whether the fact they are Asian has any bearing on my moral dilemma. Before I dig myself into a hole here, I would remind you that this is a dream I'm describing.

Anyway, I'm in the shop and the regular woman who serves is not there. Instead behind the counter is a very old Asian women. She is tiny, in the way elderly women often are, and she is dressed in a sari. In fact she is so small that she can hardly see over the shop counter.

As I approach with my purchases, she smiles. Rather nervously I think. I smile back at her and, as is my way, offer a few pleasantries. Wishing her good morning. A brief chat about the weather. Things like that.

She is ringing up my items on the till as I talk to her, giving me the occasional quick, timid smile.

Suddenly it dawns on me that she doesn't understand English. She is not nervous or timid. It is just that she hasn't a clue what I'm saying.

Just to remind you. This is a dream. Amazing how real it seems, don't you think?

The amount I have to pay is clearly displayed on the till. It comes to about £3 and a few pennies. I hand her a £5 note. Now pay attention you lot! This is important. She gives me change for a £20 note!

So not only have I got my purchases for nothing, I have also made over £16 in cash!

For a brief moment I consider pointing out the mistake, but then, thinking to myself that she will not understand what I 'm saying anyway, I shove the money into my pocket!

Outside the shop, the owner is just getting out of his car. He greets me in his usual friendly fashion. "How are you today? Did you meet my Mother? She is having a holiday with us. Very useful to have her help out."

I feel terribly guilty. Should I hand back the money? Tell him I've only just noticed?

This is when I wake up.

Yes I'm here now. The dream is over. I have checked my pockets. I do not have any extra cash in them. It was most definitely a dream.

Honestly, There is no way I would cheat anyone out of £16. No way! Especially an elderly Asian woman, who doesn't speak English, or understand the currency.

Why then do I feel so guilty?

Excuse me, I'm off to bed. I want that dream back. It needs a proper ending. An honourable outcome!


  1. I agree you had better stay asleep till you have expiated your crime! :)

  2. Ffg

    Maybe you feel guilty about something else in your life at the moment. I've tried to go back to a dream and continue the story. It worked once.

  3. Sorry about the messy comment but I'm trying to learn how to use our iPad while overseas.

  4. You can not be held responsible for your dreams, John! My impression of you has not altered in the slightest! I still hold you up as an honourable man of great integrity! You will see the woman right!

  5. How lucky you are. You have been cleansing your soul through your writing. Now your dreams are helping the purging process. Soon you will be practically perfect.

  6. hopefully your next dream won't include policemen showing up at your door :)

  7. I think I'd be feeling the same as you about that dream. My first impulse before even thinking would be to give the money back.