Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Defiant Stubborn Old Fool! Sometimes It Pays Off!

We were all up early this morning, because we had to catch an early train to London. We were off to the semi final match of the FA cup. The train journey was fine. This was my first time at the new stadium and I was excited to see it. What an atmosphere. Fantastic! Our team Everton scored first in the first half of the game. Then the other side Liverpool equalised soon into the second half. So tense, and then... No. I don't want to talk about it anymore! Except to say that the referee is an idiot.
The journey home was a little subdued.

On a happier note. Do you remember the parking fine I told you about? I wrote about it in my post of 5th April: 'A Defiant Stubborn Old Fool, That'll Be Me Then'. Well when I got home this evening, this letter was waiting for me.

Please click to enlarge.

Now that is what I call a good result.

I have to say I'm a little bit disappointed by the councils rapid capitulation. I was looking forward to my day in court. But I won the day that's the important thing.

It just goes to show. If you stand your ground. It pays off. How many people I wonder pay up without a word. The council must make lots of money they don't deserve. Anyway I am so glad I didn't add £50.00 to their coffers.

Hmm.. Now I'm wondering if I might sue them for a little compensation. After all they have put me through so much stress. If I'd had any hair I would probably have lost it. I'm almost on the edge of a nervous breakdown your Honour!

I spoke to a young man, named Andrew on the train home. He had just been to the opera. He did say he would have a read of my blog, so hello Andrew. It was nice meeting you. Sorry my blog is not as good as I said it was.


  1. Hi Andrew..what opera did you see?
    John, in that top photo the Handsome George is your double ..sans grey!
    Well done on the court fiasco..although you would have looked fine in the black robes!
    Jane x

  2. Well done on the great result with the fine! your stubbornness certainly paid off :-)

  3. Good for you! You should have some kind of party in honor of this good result. Just make sure you have it where there are plenty of parking spaces!

  4. That would have been an exciting match to watch. Sorry your team didn't win. My brother used to follow Arsenal. He lived in London but he passed away 3 years ago. I follow the Brisbane Roar in the A-League (I know everyone says its second rate but hey its our league and we should support it) My team came second on the ladder and they won their semi final against the leaders "Central Coast" now they have to play Perth in the finals, which is on the same day that we leave for USA to visit or daughter, so I'll miss the final.........drats.

  5. I think Andrew will figure out that your blog is BETTER than you said it would be.

    It sounds like you got off on a technicality rather than your expertly put together argument. But it's still a great outcome and congrats. And yes, if you hadn't argued in the first place, you would be handing your money over.

  6. Too bad about the lack of intelligence in the referee. What a shame. Your luck however was quite good.
    I'm sure Andrew will be pleasantly surprised by how entertaining your blog is

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  8. I noticed that the response from the council is worded so that you would not win a lawsuit. The government always does that. They let you know that even though it was all your fault, they will be kind and let you have your way. I have been in that situation many times. (I like a good argument every now and then.)

  9. So nice that you could just take a train to watch FA cup, my hubby would sometime sleep early, set his alarm and wake up late at night or should I say wee morning to watch the match. Glad that your penalty had been cancelled. Asked and you shall be given. Have a nice day to you till I visit again the next time.

  10. A good result - sorry, I'm talking about the parking episode. Hmm good job I realised in time. If I were you I would sit back and revel in your victory, further action could jeopardise your whole life...grins.

  11. Preciosa imatge de la papallona !
    Salutacions des de Catalunya .

  12. Just accept your win and be happy, even if you didn't have to fight for it! I'm sure an American situation like this would have dragged out for years with new paperwork at every step, and if you had lost in the end the accrued interest would have been 3x the original fine.