Thursday, 12 April 2012

I Give Up! I Cannot Think Of A Title For This. One Will Occur To Me Though As Soon As I Hit The Publish Button You Can Bet On It!

I have just been writing a lot of filosofickal, fillosawfikel, fihilassthickall... I have just been trying to write some thoughtful stuff. But it turned out to be just a lot of pretentious nonsense, so I deleted it. It was mainly about our brains. About how we are able to think, and even expand upon subjects that we actually think are beyond our comprehension. I'll give you an example: Rocket science. You probably think you know nothing about it. Unless of course you are a rocket scientist. In which case please accept my apologies for being so presumptuous. What I'm getting at though is this: You do know something about rocket science. Even if it is just a tiny scrap of knowledge, and just that little tiny bit of knowledge is all you need to expand on. Our brains.....
Look. I'll tell you what. I'll leave the subject there. I did mention at the beginning that it was a load of pretentious nonsense.

We're going to Wembley!
We are going to Wembley stadium on Saturday. To watch the football. It's the semi final of the FA cup.
When I say we, I'm referring to myself, George, my extremely handsome son, and Tricia.

Tricia is EHS George's Mother. Tricia and I were an item once. Until she saw sense that is, and gave me the elbow. Which broke my heart at the time, but with the benefit of hindsight, was a good move on her part. She is my friend now. My best friend actually. I am glad she is still in my life. Glad and privileged. I think I shall shut up about that subject too. I'm in floods of tears here. How did that happen? I was talking about Wembley stadium. How could she? How could she just dismiss me from her life like that? Please someone pass me a hankerchief. Women. How can they be so soft and so hard at the same time? I'll never understand. I'm a decent enough man, as men go. In truth, she was very lucky to have me! Apparently, I'm near the top of the list with regard to my abilities as a lover. Oh no, there were no problems as far as that subject was concerned. None whatsoever. Zilch. Nada. No problems at all. Hang on a minute. Near the top of the list! Did she say near the top? I'm sure she said at the top. Blimey! I felt a bit faint then. She definitely said at the top. Definitely! Anyway, as I say I don't understand it. Excuse me a moment. The tears have made my eyes blurry. I can hardly see the keyboard. If I'm not careful I could cause a short circuit. But oh my word! Women eh! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Still it's her loss. She has only herself to blame. I bet she cries herself to sleep at night. It has only been 14 years. Me? I'm well over it!

So yes, anyway as I was saying. We are off to Wembley on Saturday. We had a heck of a job to get tickets. When I say we, what I mean is Tricia. At one stage I thought we might not get any, but, don't give up, that's my motto. Well Tricia's motto really. She is determined. She never gave up, and now we have tickets.

EHS George and I knew she'd do it in the end. We could have done more to help I suppose. But we had faith in her. She is lucky to have us. I hope she appreciates that!

Don't give up is not really her motto. That was just a figure of speech. What a woman! Where's that handkerchief? I'm welling up again. I need to dry my eyes. This is silly!
Please excuse fingernail. Not quite recovered from oiling bike!
Philosophical: I knew how to spell it all along. Such a joker! Philosophical with it though! I mean if I couldn't spell it. I would not have been at all bothered. It's only a word. Or is it?

By the way, after a bit of extra thought I am now prepared to concede there is a small chance, that you might not have any knowledge, not even the tiniest iota, of anything to do with rocket science.

This has been a silly post. I have been drinking Coca Cola. Feeling a bit hyper!


  1. You need to switch to Kammomyl....cammymile..kameemiul.
    Jane x

  2. Oh, I get it! This was just an ad for Coca-Cola, wasn't it? You sly dog, how much are they paying you?

  3. From one coke addict to another let me just say, I know nothing about rocket science other than it is

  4. Wait, I have to stop a minute because my eyes were tearing up too, John...but from laughter, sorry about that.

  5. Only 14 years! You're coping very well! You almost had me in tears as I read your post! All the best for the football!

  6. There's the title for your post "Philosophical". The North Koreans don't know much about Rocket Science either.

  7. I have no witty retort to this but thoroughly enjoyed reading htis post, and have enjoyed the come-backs from all your visitors. I do think that the three of you are very blessed to have each other in one another's lives. You are so good for each other methinks.

  8. I hope you all have a fun weekend. Obviously you and Tricia care deeply for each other. That is a good thing for EHS George.

  9. Thanks for writing about Tricia now and then. Even though you're not together anymore, you are still family and maybe even better being best friends. It's good that your son at least has both of you in his life. Sounds like a good deal to me, well except for the tears ;-) Enjoy that game!

  10. Good one, John! It doesn't take rocket science to work out that she left you for some reason. I wonder do you remember so you don't make the same mistake. Couldn't be for your bad spelling I suppose? Have a great outing together. Sue

  11. There might be some CocaCola in your glass, but methinks there is a bit of something else. Many men improve with age. You might be one. However, artists in general, are an unpredictable lot.