Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter Eggs? That's Not What It's About!

Is Easter approaching?

I feel it must be. I noticed a couple of strange things today that seem to confirm that it is. The main one being that it has got really cold. Just in time for the Easter holidays. Also the shops are full of Easter eggs.
But there was something else. Now what was it? Ah yes. Nearly forgot.

Look at this mole hill that attracted my attention. I'm making no comment. I'll leave you to make up your own mind.

There was this too. A remarkable little assemblage I thought. I can see a cross, a ring of thorns, and a big rock.

Symbolic wouldn't you say. Or maybe someone has too much time on their hands?

Personally I'm not terribly religious, though I was brought up as a Christian. I'll just qualify that statement by adding the words: Not at the moment. Almost three score years and five, and still I can't make my mind up.  .

Mind you I am pleased to have a faith, even if it does fluctuate wildly from time to time.

I find it easy to believe in Jesus as a charismatic preacher of his time. I have no doubt he was crucified on a cross. It's just all the other stuff that goes with it, that I'm a bit shaky about at times.

I go to my local Church quite often. Never to a service though. I go during the week, when the church is normally empty of people. I like to sit there. Soak up the atmosphere. Think of the people who have congregated there over the centuries. Perhaps meditate a little. Maybe say a prayer. Sometimes I will even ask God to forgive me for doubting him.

I do this, just in case, come the day of reckoning, I end up at His front door.

Oh that's enough of that!

But just before I go, take another look at the face in the mole hill.

Be honest now. Who do you think it looks like?

Yes, that's what I thought.

It's Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier!


  1. I dunno- they eyes are a bit scary, maybe it's Ahab

  2. Not sure! The face does look familiar! I also was brought up a Christian and like you have doubts. With increasing age I have become more open to the idea of an after life. Hate to think it all ends here!

  3. Hey John! You won't believe this...I am laughing as I am typing this but Father Dan at my church? His name is Daniel Crockett and he is a relation of Davy Crockett! Is that not the funniest thing? That is our church website, look at that if you don't believe me!
    (And you need to see my blog and find my blog where I talked about seeing Jesus in search engine is out so even I don't know where it is!)

  4. Oh, and I think you will find that everyone has doubts, if they are honest. I want to write something on my blog about the man who Jesus healed of his blindness and when he was asked who he believed Jesus was, he said, "I don't know he is, but I was blind and now I see."
    Look at my last post that I just did tonight and see what you think about my Who, Me? post.

  5. Looks like Ozzy Osbourne to me - minus the glasses

  6. I was very religious until my Dad died a very lingering death, that put a stop to all thoughts of any kind of God for me.
    I now class myself as a pagan and follow the seasons, this makes me happy and fills my need for something to believe in.
    I agree with you though, there is nothing like an empty church for a bit of meditation.