Monday, 9 April 2012

Common Orchid Hunt. Cancelled.

What a surprise. It is raining. Pouring actually. It is cold too, and windy. Bonnie the ginger cat hasn't bothered to get out of bed. Sadie the German Shepherd has the longest, most miserable hangdog expression ever recorded, and me? I feel sad and dispirited. Astonishing, don't you think, the effect a spot of bad weather can have. Especially when it comes on top of the lovely warm spring we have just been enjoying.

It's a bank holiday Monday. An Easter bank holiday Monday. Naturally, that's why the weather has taken this turn for the worse. Lots of people were planning on doing something fun today. That of course makes it all so much more miserable. When your plans for a nice day come to nothing.

What did you have in mind for today? My extremely handsome son George and I were going to go in search of an Orchid. This one won't be in flower yet I don't think, but we know what the leaves look like, so we were hoping to find it that way. Then of course when it does flower, we would be able to find it easier.
Common orchid
This particular orchid is our most common type I think, although I am no plant expert. It is called common orchid, but it is not seen very often. Maybe it was common once upon a time. Extremely handsome son George found it a couple of years ago. Just a single flower head. Last year there was no sign of it though. I am hoping it will be back.

My curiosity about our native plants has been sparked into life by EHS George's interest mainly, but it has always been there in the background. I hope he maintains his interest, and that perhaps it will lead onto something. He has mentioned University. So who knows?

Oh well, the miserable weather has put paid to that for today. Yesterday though we went in search of wild daffodils in the woods. We found some, although they were past their best. We also found lots of other plants. I thought you might like to see some photos I took on our walk. It might cheer me up a bit to have a look too.

You can click on a picture to enlarge it, and admire my remarkable photographic skill and artistry.

Sphagnum moss.


More Violets.


I don't know what this plant is. Looks like some sort of currant.

Dandelion. Grows everywhere. But it's beauty should not be overlooked.

Ground ivy.
Wild Daffodils. Sorry they are past their best.

Wild wolf. Or maybe it's Sadie.

Butchers broom.
Primroses, fern, and bluebell foliage.

A mystery plant. What is it?
The answer to the mystery plant question. It isn't a plant. A flower has fallen from a blackthorn tree, and got stuck on the wheat. I bet you weren't fooled for a second!

I'm pleased we found the wild Daffodils. I'm sorry they are past their best. I'm sure the poet William Wordsworth would not have found them so inspiring had he seen them in this state.

That's it for now. I hope the weather is better where you are. Hope you enjoyed Easter all the same.


  1. That wild beast is a wolf , for sure.
    Love the flower pics, we have one here I love.... trout lily..the leaves look just like a trout.
    Jane x

  2. That's quite an orchid! We have a couple that look that full, and they take my breath away when I come across one.

  3. Ah, but it is the memory of the daffodils that is so important.
    For oft, when on my couch I lie,
    In vacant or in pensive mood,
    They flash upon that inward eye,
    Which is the bliss of solitude,
    And then my heart with pleasure fills,
    And dances with the daffodils.

    Sorry, I can't hardly remember anything important, but bits of poetry are lodged in my brain forever.

  4. It looks like what we call 'oyster plant' here, John.
    Very nice pics, I might add. See-even on a 'crappy' day, you can find something to brighten you up. Sue

  5. What a pretty orchid that is. I've gotten to the point where I don't care what the weather is like on my days off. As long as I don't have to go to work it's all good to me

  6. Sorry you had horrible weather. Isn't it usually the way? When you make plans that's when mother nature decides to keep you on your toes. At least you managed to discover quite few other interesting things :-)

  7. There was no getting me out on Bank Holiday Monday... wet, cold, and depressing. It didn't stop raining all day. I don't know who was the most depressed, the weather or me. Got to love that orchid. I see the bluebells are out in my garden, must be the rain that did it for them. How's the arthritis?

  8. A fine collection of photos. I'm impressed with your knowledge or is that your EHS's knowledge.

  9. Lovely photos. I am especially fond of wild plants.