Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Thing Called Love.

It's me. Singing about love. A subject at which I have been somewhat unsuccessful. Except for the crying part. I have done a whole lot of that!

I'm also not much good at playing guitar   But I haven't given up yet on either subject!

Didn't want to let you down, so here it is on youtube. Ha Ha! Sorry if you thought you'd got away with listening to it. I did say I don't give up!

I might put it on facebook too. Would you like to be my facebook friend?

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Very nice John. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. I am so jealous. You are so artistically talented in so many areas. I wish I could do instead of just appreciate.

  3. Sadly your song would not play for me. Only a blank screen. Is it on You Tube yet?

    1. Hi Paul I have put it on youtube, and my facebook page. There is just no getting away from it.

  4. Ooops, the video is currently unavailable. That's tough for me but having heard your playing before I know you are quite accomplished.

  5. It is showing not available for me. But I've heard you play so I'm sure it will be good :-)

  6. Thanks for the morning entertainment, John. I was able to hear the song from your blog. I'm not on Facebook and have no plans to join, but will remain a blog friend.

  7. The second video said currently not available but you sounded great in the first one

  8. The first one worked for me. You are very talented John.

    I'm already a friend on facebook....but you knew this...right?:)

  9. I am giving you a standing ovation. Absolutely lovely, just brought a smile to my face, kinda remind me of my dad. He loves to sing with his guitar too.