Thursday, 27 September 2012

What Is It All About Eh?

        It worked you know. Putting a title that sounded like an online bargain offer. It brought a good few extra readers. Mind you I don't suppose many of them stayed. Oh well. Anyway it is just a bit of fun. I like to make up page titles that attract the readers. Not all the time though. That might be an annoyance.

        I was thinking today. I do sometimes. I was thinking along the lines of, what is this blog about? What is it's reason for being. I know I am doing it because I enjoy it, but it doesn't seem to have a central theme. I am feeling that it should have something to make it stand out, but I'm blowed if I know what.

        The problem I have is I am too scatterbrained to stick with anything for any length of time. I come and go like a yoyo on a string. So a themed blog probably wouldn't last long. Easily bored is the best way of putting it.

        Mind you this need for constant new outlets, this fear of boredom, does tend to make me get on with things fast. I never spend too long on a painting for instance, and I think I wrote my book in quick time. Simply because if I spend too long on something there is a good chance it may not get finished.

        Do you remember those stick chairs I was making last year? I could have had a nice little part time earner there. The year before it was bird tables out of reclaimed timber. They were so popular, but in the end I gave up because I got bored with making them. Even though they were all different. And the quick portraits, I have had enough of them for the moment, and yet they are a good source of cash. I am a hopeless case.

        This blog of mine. Although I have applied myself to it quite diligently these last couple of years, it doesn't seem to attract many new readers lately. I suppose that is what I want. More readers. I suppose that is what all writers want.

        Oh well. I am happy enough in my own little corner of Blogland. Even if it is undefined. As long as I know that you are out there, and you of course and absolutely you too. Especially you. I shall carry on doing my best to entertain you.
I was hoping for a read of that newspaper Bonnie, but I won't disturb you.

        I have just indented the beginning of each paragraph. I wonder if that will add anything special to my words. I don't normally indent them, but tonight I just felt like taking a risk, and living dangerously. I need to be more cutting edge.

I know you are not really asleep Sadie, I can see you looking.

        By the way do you remember the Ramshackle Gallery I am making? Well the good news is, I hope to have it open for business on Saturday. I wonder how long before the novelty wears off?

        The time is half past midnight. Sadie the German Shepherd and Bonnie the ginger cat are asleep. They feel safe in the knowledge that Mac the pup will not disturb them. Especially Bonnie, she really did not appreciate our little visitor. She is happy now.

         I think it is time for me to visit the land of nod also. Good night, God bless.


  1. My goodness! I thought I was the only person in the world who finds something new, throw myself into it while ignoring everything else, then when I am no longer fascinated by it I just stop. Never doubt the effect your blog has on people. You make us laugh, cry, and feel a whole range of emotions all the way from comfort to outrage. We need you.

  2. Are you a Gemini by any chance? I'm exaclty the same way and just blame it on those celestial twins who keep battling. One wants stability, the other gets bored and moves on. I like your blog the way it, little of this, little of that. I think a themed blog would be hard, that's why I like my complaining theme. It's kind of a theme but can be very broad in the topics. See, those darn twins again....

  3. I am so glad that you are in the world to entertain, especially to entertain me! Perhaps you do lose interest in doing certain things, but as long as you have created works of art, who cares? It just means you have more variety. "Own your talents and use them!" Good night and God Bless!
    Oh, and I like your indention of paragraphs! You are so doggone funny.

  4. Count me in, I am also a scatterbrain who's attention span is about as short as my little finger! I have started and deleted at least 8 or 9 blogs, with two of them being very popular. I have made windchimes from old silverware (spoons & forks, tea cups & saucers), bird houses and feeders, cat towers from small tree trunks.(those I still make and sell)

    Maybe you need to participate in a few memes/blog hops to attract new readers, that's what I did and it worked for me. Most of the ones I do are photography, although I know of one that is poetry. I can give you a list if you are interested.

    As for me, I am happier now just following your blog and a couple of others...mostly yours because I love your sense of humor and the fact I can't wait to get my autographed copy of your best selling book with illustrations!! Hope you don't mind having me in your little corner of Blogland, I like it here. ;)

  5. I understand the getting bored thing. I like to try new stuff.

  6. John, there are two reasons I cannot empathize. First, you have 75 followers and I have 30. Second is I'm a guy. You ever try getting sympathy from a guy? I have, it's hilarious, like explaining politics to my dog. Best of luck and I love your blog.

  7. John, I love reading your blog. Although I knew you a little before I now feel thatI know you alot better. The wonder of the internet. Don't know if I'm a legit follower tho; my name appears in white not yellow ! Keep up the good work, there's not much else of interest on facebook !

  8. You and both have caught our eyes, interest and attention. Do what you do because this blog is for you. I am content with my few followers at this point. I prefer people not seeing my guts...I am not as clever as you, kden and grumpy. When needed, let me know and I will help spread your blog...via facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc...

  9. Anything that attracts readers is never an annoyance.
    Continue being yourself and your blog will always be a success and a joy to read.

  10. I get bored with things easy also. That is why I can't stick to just one medium for my crafting. It's also why my blog doesn't have a theme. It's all about whatever happens to come to my mind.
    I like your blog just the way it is. Although should you ever decide to change it, I would probably like it that way too. :)

  11. 'it doesn't seem to have a central theme. I am feeling that it should have something to make it stand out, but I'm blowed if I know what.'

    Your blog doesn't need a special central theme, John. You and the way you write are the attractions. Mostly it is entertaining and funny with occasional bouts of sombreness. What else can a reader want?

  12. I have not time to be bored, I am too busy trying to remember what I was doing before I got absorbed with something else. Now where was I? That's right, putting my scavenger hunt pictures up on my blog!

  13. I have spent my life getting bored and moving on, that's why I've had loads of jobs, and I'm still single. My blog has a sort of theme, but it doesn't bang on about one particular topic. I read the blogs which flit about, far more entertaining than just cookery, or just sewing. Yours is great, always different. Keep on keeping on.

  14. Please don't change a thing about your blog John.
    I love it just the way it is...a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. It's your style of writing that is the attraction....that's why it's listed in my Favourites.
    Like the other poster above, I am curious, are you a Gemini like myself, because we do like to flitter from one thing to the next...that's just us.

    1. Virginia, I am a Leo. A leader of men. Decisive and determined. And cynical too. I won't say I don't believe in astrology because I know a lot of people swear by it.
      I'll see you later, just got to look at my chart again. Typical Leo. :-)

  15. John, the indented paragraphs are not needed if you are spacing between paragraphs, at least in my opinion. As for reading and commenting, folks don't always leave comments on all posts read, myself included but it doesn't mean they are not reading. Our blog lists many blogs and some of the blog authors never comment on our posts, which doesn't stop us from including them as others may go and read the blogs and comment. By the way, we did notice that you have not visited in awhile, but no offense taken...really.