Monday, 17 September 2012

Sadie, Mac and I. Getting on Fine.

Sadie the German Shepherd and Mac the Border Terrier cross are getting on fine together. This is down to the pleasant and kindly nature of Sadie mainly. Mac, being only eight months old can be a right pain with his enthusiastic take on life.
Bonnie the cat has had her nose put out of joint since Mac's arrival. She has gone off in a sulk. Mac obviously thinks that cats are for chasing. If he was my pup I would not allow this, but I don't want to tell him off too much. The poor little chap probably wonders what has happened that he has found himself staying with me and Sadie.
He arrived this morning, and the first thing we did before anything else was to go for a nice walk. I didn't let him of the lead and he just kept on following Sadie. He was surprisingly well behaved for a young 'un. Until Sadie caught a rabbit. Mac made a grab for it out of Sadie's mouth and there was a tug of war went on. Mac sure showed his terrier breeding then.
The rabbits are full of mixymetotosis (I can't spell it) that disgusting disease introduced here deliberately in the 1950's, and they are very easy for the dogs to catch. Which in a way is a good thing as it puts them out of their misery quickly.
I had to take my PC in for repair today, and Mac came with me in the car. He was well behaved. Poor Sadie. I didn't dare take her too. I didn't think I would manage two dogs and carrying the computer as well.
When we got back I tied Macs lead to an old car tyre so that he could still move about the place but wouldn't be quick enough to chase the hens. This was so I could get myself a cup of tea in peace. By the time the kettle had boiled he had chewed through the lead and was running free. Luckily he was more interested in playing with the long suffering Sadie than hen chasing. Anyway he came to me when I called. Thank heavens.
They are both in their respective beds now next to each other, sleeping. He looks lovely, as though butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. I hope Bonnie doesn't come through the cat flap when I'm in bed. I need to introduce those two properly.
I was hoping to show you some photos of the dogs, but I can't work out how to do it on this laptop. Sorry about that. I shall try again tomorrow.
It is 11-30 pm. I think I shall get some sleep too. Goodnight all.

Now I have lost my signature. Where the heck is it? Flaming laptops! This seems to be the best I can do. I cannot work out how to get to the bottom of this page?


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaah....
    I fell all the way to the comments page!
    Jane x

  2. Mac sounds a live wire. He is going to keep you on your toes. Sounds like Sadie is going to be long suffering!

  3. Nice tale, John. Hey, I didn't realise Myxomatosis was still around. Must have had my head in the sand all these years.

  4. Ah to have the energy and enthusiasm of a puppy. It would probably kill

  5. You are so brave to put all those animals together.

  6. Computers, love 'em, but they can smUCK up an entire nice day.

  7. You may have noticed my feelings about my new friend Stu Pidd. So, sorry about your computer woes.