Monday, 3 September 2012

Coming Out Of The Closet. Who Me?

I have come to the conclusion that the writing of the book is actually the easy bit of the job. The editing and tweaking bits about, and trying to work out where a chapter should start and end are they hard bits. Not to mention punctuation.

I have thought I had things sorted on a couple of occasions, but I was wrong. This book needs structuring. Oh well I should have known it wouldn't be easy. Every time I open the file to work on it, I find something else to say.

Since I told you the book was 'finished' I have somehow managed to add almost 7000 more words, and I reckon there are a lot more where they came from. I have only written about my life up to the age of twelve.
I think I have to stop adding things now, say to myself that is enough and concentrate on polishing it up.

This situation is rather like doing a painting and not knowing when to stop. It is easy to go too far.

You are probably fed up with me going on about my book. I am sorry, but well, you know, a blog is a good way of dealing with issues like this. It is probably a rubbish book anyway. He says, desperately seeking approbation. Where the heck did that word come from?

I have neglected my blogging duties lately too, particularly the commenting side of things. I am sorry about that too. Please bear with me. I am still here, just rather closeted in my own little world at the moment. Writing seems to have me in it's grip. I will come out of the closet soon. Oh my God! What have I said? I didn't mean it like that. Honest!


  1. "Where the heck did that word come from?"

    "Approbation" came from Latin, as did most English words. Our language was invented by Romans and occupied all their attention --which is why their own language died from neglect and their empire fell. Keep writing, John, or it could happen again.

  2. If you keep adding more words, I think that you will need a strong and forceful editor. None of us can bear to give up any of our own words!! Keep on workin' and as you say, the hard part is the task after the writing is done.

  3. Every fresh viewing will produce a need to change or add. It seems that you see it with new eyes. I find it amazing because each time I read something written the day before I start to tweak. Then comes the time when you read it and think 'that's it' ... be patient,John.

  4. Keep in mind that a publisher will likely cut a few words so the extras are good. We love having you update us about the status of your book. It only whets the appetite for the book. I am glad you will be coming out of the closet soon. What a lonely place to be.

  5. John, seems like you will have enough writings for two books....perhaps a sequel is in the cards after all.

  6. I see a series coming from this. Find a good ending place for book 1 and then start book 2 and 3. How could the story just end when the main character is still alive and well and coming out of the closet? :)