Monday, 24 September 2012

Definitely, Probably, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps.

Hallo all you lovely people,

I see Sadie the German Shepherd has been at the keyboard again. She shouldn't be worried about where my affection lies. As far as I am concerned she is the perfect canine companion. Not the least bit of bother at all. And walking her keeps me in reasonable shape. I would hate to be without her.
Mac is still here. I was expecting him to go home today, but there has been a delay. His owner is coming tomorrow at noon. That gives me a chance for another walk with the dogs, and then, well it will be nice to be just me and Sadie again.

Here is another update on the best selling book situation. I first finished it a few weeks ago. Then I finished it again a couple of weeks ago. But yesterday I genuinely finished it. I think it is really, really, really finished. Definitely. Maybe. I hope. Perhaps.

It has gone from having 40,572 words to 52,553. I make that 12,000 more words. Now that is a proper book length. And do you know what? I could go on. But I am not going to. It is definitely finished. Most definitely. Hopefully. Perhaps.

Now I am worried that you won't like it. Or you won't like me. I keep thinking I shouldn't have written that bit, or that bit. Is that bit too horrible? You know all sorts of stuff going through my mind. Why have I written it? That's another thought. I don't know. Because I want to. Is that a good enough reason? Because I always wanted to write a book. Because it was a strange childhood. Because people tell me I should write about it.

Because it is a factual book I have changed names. Everyone's names. I am not wanting to create upset. Especially to any relatives of certain people in the book. That is not my intention. Although most who caused me harm are probably long dead anyway. I'm getting on a bit myself too. If I'm going to do it I had better get on with it.

But hey! The good news is, it is definitely finished. Probably. Maybe.


  1. So how do I order my autographed copy ?
    Jane x

  2. Then maybe, possibly or at some future date you will have it published, John?

  3. How could anyone dislike you for telling the truth? We are all excited about your book and hope it is a huge success. As for your left over material... I am thinking sequel.

  4. Will it have illustrations? Your paintings tell stories by themselves!

  5. Don't worry about whether people will like your book, or not. You write for you and that's all that matters, it's your book, put what you like. I'm sure you will let us know when it comes into print. Hope it's a best seller. You never know it could be turned into a film, then you will be a rich man.

  6. John, I would be terrible disappointed in your book if it wasn't the REAl story. You have demonstrated how brave you must be to face up to your less than perfect childhood (whatever that is). I personally can't wait to get my hands on a copy as I love biographies. Have you thought about selling it as an ebook through your blog or facebook, or Amazon. Glad it's finished and best wishes for getting it published.

  7. How do I get a copy? Maybe we can swap my book / c.d for yours! Do feel free to check out my post on Lea's Birthday. There are some great pictures!

  8. Good news, John.... er.... maybe, hopefully. I meant to ask, did you draw any pictures for the book?

  9. well as long as you're sure, it's ok by me :)
    Who cares if someone doesn't like it. Besides if you get a really bad review others will want to buy it to see what the fuss is all about