Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Great Value Stretched Artist's Canvas.

Today I went into town and bought four canvas's. I hate buying ready made ones, always like to either prepare them myself or simply paint on anything I think will do. I once painted a life size portrait of the Queen Mother on a pair of old curtains. That was on the occasion of her 100th birthday. It is owned by the Library service in North East Scotland now. I often wonder if it survived my home made stretcher and the many coats of white emulsion I primed it with.

But today the reason I bought them was because they were so cheap. They were for sale in one of those cheap shops, you probably know the kind of shop I mean. You go in and notice that it is full of cheap tat, and yet you cannot resist buying something. Well maybe it doesn't happen to you, but I am so weak willed. But not where these canvas's were concerned. Oh no. I have bought canvas from there before and it works really well. It says on the label canvas board, but it is proper canvas on stretchers.

Look at these pictures if you don't believe me. Only £1.99p each. Incredible! You try buying these in a proper art shop and I bet you would have to pay at least a tenner each. Marvellous.

Why I'm telling you this is because now that I have got them back home, they are staring at me. Stark white and blank. Taunting me with their virginity. Saying, take me John. Do what you will, but please don't leave us untouched.

If you paint, you will know what I mean. A blank canvas can be such an intimidating thing to get started on. Actually this evening I feel so intimidated that I am going to put them out of my sight and go to bed and read a book. I am reading John Grisham at the moment. The Partner. I like his books.

Tomorrow I will despoil these canvas's with some random splashes of paint. They won't scare me so much then, and I shall get on with the paintings I need to do. Amazing to think that when I am dead and gone these paintings will probably sell for millions of pounds!

£1.99p each. Please don't tell anyone. I don't want that shop being overrun by all your friends. I may need to go back for some more.

Fantastic bargain price, and so well worth all the stress they have caused me! Blank canvas. What am I like?

Oh yes, by the way. I thought the title to this post might get a few more readers to my blog. Cheeky aren't I.


  1. Well I'm not a painter but I have other materials that taunt me. I currently have several things sitting in a closet begging me to do something with them.

  2. How exciting to have something calling you like that. It is like having a chocolate cake with fudge frosting. You want more but have to limit yourself. The anticipation is exquisite.

  3. Well I must admit the title certainly did grab me and lead me in.
    I am sure those "cheap" canvas will be coloured and beautiful in no time.
    I would really like to see the Queen on a curtain though:) B

  4. Fabric calls to me. I have put together a few types and colours of fabric which are calling me to make a bag. I keep playing around with them and I am sure the idea in my head will take form soon. I love the anticipation,

  5. You sound as happy as a pig in a sty. Hope your paintings go well!

  6. Hmm painting sounds kinda fun and got tempted. I used to sew cross-stitches and have loads of photos from cross-stitch and had it framed up and hanging all over my house until I have no more walls to hang. Wanted to try painting too but what will I do with it after I had paint? sell it (I don't think it will sell), hang it (not enough walls) or give it away (who would want my painting anyway)Hahhaha guess it is best for me to just admire painting by others. Can't wait to see yours

  7. What a great bargain!!
    Paint to your heart's content....but remember you have to work on the illustrations for your book, so maybe you can start painting some of those ideas.
    John Grisham is also one of my favourite authors...enjoy the book.

  8. Having seen some of your paintings I am sure the results on those canvases will be good. Have fun!

  9. Plants call to me and follow me home, but I use them to create a living painting in the landscape.

  10. My lips are sealed, your secret is safe with me!

  11. Waiting to see what ends up on your white unknowns!