Saturday, 15 September 2012

Hey Listen To Me Waxing Poetical.

There is a saying. Walking is good for the soul. Maybe I have that wrong? Maybe it's not walking? Anyway something is good for the soul, and if it isn't walking it jolly well should be. Especially if the sun is out and there is just a hint of a cooling breeze in the morning air.

It was out this morning, the sun, with an early warmth, and the trembling leaves on the silver birch suggested absolution from the promised heat.

So we walked, Sadie the German Shepherd and I, across the fields of stubble to the lush green meadowed lea beyond. And then we walked some more. Through wooded glade and downland dale we strolled, my loyal friend and I, until we reached, far from home the wild flower banks of a tumbling, burbling, chalk spring.

Side by side we drank together from the cool waters, and sat, refreshed, content in each others peaceful companionship, in quiet contemplation, watching the excited flight of myriad butterflies and the hawking rapidity of lustrous dragonflies. Listening too we were, to the buzz and murmur of natures collectors and propagators, and the occasional splash of a rising trout.

Hunger it was at last, that spurred us to rise and journey homeward. But never rushed. For this was joy in life pure and simple, to be savoured, like the rich and heady aroma of an aged wine. How true it is, my misquoted, poorly remembered saying. Walking is good for the soul.

As I kicked my boots off later, I thought to myself: What a miserable, grumpy old bastard you were yesterday John!


  1. What a lovely post, very poetic. You can paint a great picture with words too.

    I think its confession thats good for the soul and walking is good for the heart. So there you are, you had a good walk, confessed to being grumpy yesterday and both heart and soul are much improved by the sound of it.

    I hope they stay that way. ;-)

  2. You fortunate fellow! My walk today took me past a bone-dry reservoir and construction workers who seemed very upset about something. Maybe I need a dog. Good post, John!

  3. wow, impressive. When Duke and I go for a walk it's all about pee mail and poop scooping

  4. Glad to see you are over the GOMS. Lovely piece of writing but surely something must have pissed you off today!

  5. What an enjoyable post, John. Loved going on that journey with you and Sadie.

  6. What a lovely post John! Just what I needed to read today! I haven't blogged for a while, but finally managed a blog post today on Paul and my blog.

  7. There is nothing like walking in nature to restore the soul. Look at my post from my walk on Stone Mountain with the yellow daisies if you don't believe me!
    And I like you happy or grumpy, you could be one of the Seven Dwarves!

  8. Grand walk, John, and glad to see what a difference 24 hous made and the companionship of a good female, even if this one has 4 legs.

  9. Wish I could join you some day on a walk. All my dog and I get to walk in is a concrete jungle, the same old path everyday. It does a soul good to get out and nature with your best friend.