Sunday, 9 September 2012

Just Another Quiet Sunday.

Oh I can't think of anything to say. This is an unusual turn of events, but it does happen now and again. Let's see what happens if I just keep on typing regardless.

I am sitting here with a full tummy, after having Sunday dinner with Tricia and my extremely handsome son George. We didn't have Yorkshire puddings with it today because none of the local shops had any left! I can remember the days when Yorkshire puddings were made at home. Does anyone still do that? Not that I'm complaining mind you. The meal was delicious. I am stuffed full. Thank you Tricia.

Earlier today my neighbour Steve came and picked a few apples off the tree. Later he came back with an apple pudding his daughter made. Very nice. Thank you Abbie.

Earlier still, at breakfast I made myself a bacon sandwich. After breakfast I went to the shop to get a Sunday newspaper. While I was in the shop I brought a pack of jelly beans. I nearly ate the lot. I am beginning to realise why I have such a big tummy.

Happily I managed to use up a few calories by doing a bit of work on my proposed 'Ramshackle Gallery'. I have finished putting the roofing sheets on. They are corrugated steel sheets. They didn't half make a lot of noise when I was nailing them on. I tried to hammer the nails in quietly but I'm afraid hammering quietly doesn't work, the nails just laughed at me, "Is that the best you got," they sneered. Well that got my goat I can tell you and I bashed the hell out of 'em. Every hammer blow sounded like a thunderclap. I do enjoy a good old bang. It's not often I get the chance these days. I am sure my lovely neighbours didn't mind me making such a racket on what was a very pleasant Sunday afternoon.

Incidentally when I was on the roof, wondering if it would be strong enough to take my weight, and also if I fell through it would I die? I got to thinking what my last words would be in that tragic event. Nothing too profound came to mind. All I could think of was, "Whoops." Actually there were a couple more words, but I'm being good today so I won't tell you what they were, except the first bit was, "Oh."

I also had a look at my Lister 'D' stationary engine today too. That's all I did. Looked at it for a few minutes.

There is an old amplifier in the shed. I got that out today, just wanted to see if it still worked. It did. So I got out my electric guitar and sat in the paddock, pretending I could play it. I turned the volume right up to eleven, the group 'Primal Scream' use the same type of amp and I really blasted out a couple of tunes. I am sure my lovely neighbours didn't mind me making such a racket on what was a very pleasant Sunday afternoon.

That is about it really. Nothing more to report. Oh I nearly forgot to tell you. Usually on a Sunday I don't go to church. So I didn't bother with it today either. The problem with church is, you get people in there ringing bells and singing at the top of their voices. And that organ! Why so big and loud? It's all far too noisy for me. I mean to say, this is Sunday. It's the one day of the week when you can be guaranteed a bit of peace and quiet around here!


  1. That's what SUNDAYS are all about. I watched American football. Go Patriots!

  2. You certainly had a peaceful and quiet Sunday as did all your neighbors.

  3. Sounds like a handful to me. A quiet Sunday for me is to get a book, lie in bed, no housework, no cooking, no washing, just me and some reading. It hardly happen. Something always pops up and occupy my whole Sunday. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  4. Amp must be in phenomenal shape. Think I heard it here.

  5. So why didnt you make a yorkshire pudding then ? Its easier to make than to go out and buy. I make double quantity of batter and make whats left into pancakes next day. Mmmm pancakes, I really fancy some now. Its nearly 2am so I must resist the urge to go make some.

    I have had one of the 'I wonder where the day went' sort of days and havnt got many of the things done that I wanted to do. Must try harder tomorrow.

  6. The only way to get me into a church was to buy one and renovate it into a house. As we home brew, it was called locally as the house of the holy hop! Halleluliah hic!

    1. Did you know that Arlo Guthrie who sang the song Alice's Restaurant bought the church featured in the song? He converted it into living quarters and later into a charitable organization that assists people in many and various ways.

  7. Jelly Bean John, what are we to do with you? Peaceful Sunday afternoon and you're disturbing the peace with a "good old bang" and guitar playing with an amp no less.
    Maybe it was the apple pudding that put you in such a creative mood.
    Glad you had a good day.

  8. I've got a neighbour like you, John. The first hint of sunshine ... and you know how much of that we have these days ... he's out with his mower, electric hedge cutters, some unidentifiable but noisy equipment, and all the implements he needs to put up a new fence. It might have been quieter in church!!!

  9. You found a lot to say with nothing to start with. We have neighbours like you except they all have noisy pets. Yappy dogs, wooffy dogs yowling dogs and worse than all them one has a screeching cockatoo. One day I'm going to let it out of its cage.

  10. Great header. Doesn't sound too quiet a Sunday! Now we are wired up Lea and I intend to be more diligent with our posts and comments. Looking forward to resuming contact!

  11. Hello again John. For some reason your blog disappeared from my list. Thankfully I've found you again. Strange that I should read about yorkshire puddings here as today I was reading the recipe in an old cook book and was thinking of trying it out. I also made a apple cake today ... coincidence ... or what? Good to catch up with you again. Cheers Sue