Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Nothing to Shout About But The Stage Is Set..

The new neighbour shouts a lot. I think he's one of those blokes who thinks if you shout loud enough, people will be bound to agree with you. He does have an extremely loud shout, and from what I have heard so far he thinks he is always right about any subject under the sun.

I have never heard his wife shouting back at him. I think she does have a go back though because tonight I heard him shouting: "WILL YOU SHUT UP? I DO THE TALKING IN THIS HOUSE. YOU DO THE FUCKING LISTENING!"
Well actually mate, I have been listening too, and from what I just heard you are a sadly deluded fool.

Sorry about the swear word, but that is what he said. I could have put asterisks but you would still have known what the word was.

Anyway that is by the by. I have again been busy, getting things ready for the big night. It's a lot of effort for something that will only last for a few hours, but hey, you're only young once!

This is how my temporary erection is looking now. Try to imagine it at night with candles and other subdued lighting. Apart from the spotlight which will be shining on birthday boy of course. The stage is set as they say.

There will be a couple of big gazebos erected on the day too. Even though it is not going to rain. Better safe than sorry.

I have no idea how many are coming. I seem to have lost touch with the figures. I will do my best to provide something to eat for the unknown number of guests. I have followed some of the advice you gave me too.

Wouldn't it be awful if no one turns up? Oh blimey O'Riley!

I lit an environmentally friendly bonfire tonight. Doesn't it look nice with the moon in the background? It will be a full moon on the party night. I hope it's not cloudy. When I say environmentally friendly bonfire, what I mean is I lit it at night so nobody could see the black smoke!

Thank you for all your good wishes for my birthday.


  1. That's a fine erection, John. You're a thoughtful host.

  2. You are a gent!
    I know this sounds really silly...but I know I am going to shed a tear when I read about your party.
    Have fun,my friend!
    Jane x

  3. All shaping up for a good time. Are you going to entertain the masses with your music. I expect it will turn into a full on jam. Have the best fun, mate!

  4. I dont like being shouted at and I have a good way of dealing with it. I reply very very quietly and repeat myself over and over again until the shouter has to stop in order to listen to me.
    Have you warned him there is going to be a party or have you invited him ?

    Maybe your superb erection has made him feel inferior.

    I've bought a lottery ticket for tomorrow night in a last ditch attempt to afford the train fare to the party. The last part of the journey on the 700 bus would not present a problem as I already have my bus pass. Another of the many advantages of being a pensioner. I achieved my pensioner status a couple of years ago when I was sixty. I love it, free bus pass and extra points on my Boots advantage card. Its good to appreciate the small things in life. When I am sitting on the bus next to someone who talks to themself and the person behind me coughs so hard I can feel the air on the back of my head and someone sits in front of me with a wet dog with wind...... I think ah well at least I am not paying for this.

    Love the bonfire pic with the moon in the background. I could almost smell woodsmoke.

    1. Here's hoping that is a lucky ticket Eileen.
      I invited the shouty man. All the neighbours are coming so I couldn't leave him out.
      I haven't got a bus pass. Whenever I get on a bus I always have a desperate need to wee!

  5. I love that "an environmentally friendly fire".The preparations are looking good, I hope the party is a success and drowns out the neighbour's shouting.

  6. Can't wait to hear all about your party. What an awful man that neighbour of yours is!

  7. It's going to be a fun event, I can feel it in my bones. I should be there, I really should. Are you going to have a bonfire on the big night? You could put Mr Loud Mouth in charge of it.

    By the way I always thought the asterisks were to disguise from Blogger that the F word was being used. Now I know that my theory is wrong.

    1. Come on Valerie, jump on the train.
      There will be a log burning campfire on the night, as opposed to a bonfire, which burns rubbish and makes lots of smelly smoke. I might put loudmouth on top of it!

  8. A party you say? Where have I been lately. Gosh I nearly missed out didn't I? Can I come? Pllleeeease!
    Maybe I can get a belly full of rum and show the big mouth what a big mouth really is!!
    Hope it's a great night John. A very happy birthday from me too. Sue

  9. ... now just a trip to the beverage store for refreshments and you'll be all set.

  10. I love the environmentally friendly bonfire. I think I'm going to have to light one of those but I should probably wait until they lift the burning ban

  11. I love a good bonfire. We used to have them before football games before people became environmentally conscious. I guess the purpose was to get everyone "fired up".