Sunday, 1 July 2012

Being Silly About The Isles Of Scilly!

Phew! I am exhausted. I didn't have any energy today at all. It's not that I have been working particularly hard either. Maybe it is simply me feeling my age. If there is such a thing as feeling your age. I mean how is anyone to know what feeling your age means? Yesterday for example. I don't think I was feeling my age. In fact if I remember rightly, yesterday I felt about 35 years old. Although there were times during my 35th year that I felt quite ancient. Mind you that was usually on a morning after the night before, if you get my drift?

Poor old Sadie the German Shepherd. She never had a walk today. I just could not summon up the energy or enthusiasm. Extremely handsome son George took her out for a run, but it's not the same for her. She likes a gentle plod around with me. Whereas with George it is literally a non stop run, when he takes her out. Not much chance there for a good old sniff around. I shall make it up to her tomorrow. We shall go for a good long hike. According to the weather forecast I am going to need my waterproofs on. So what a surprise, it is going to rain tomorrow! This has been a washout summer. There surely cannot be much water left up there in the sky.
Tricia is going on this little ship.
Tricia went on holiday today. She has gone to the Isles of Scilly. She and George have been going there at least twice a year, ever since George was born. She has to drive to Penzance Cornwall and then it is 4 hours on the ship to the Islands. She is very intrepid. You should see the size of her backpack! She also takes her three little dogs with her.

George will travel on this small plane.
George will join her tomorrow, but he is doing it the easy way. A plane from Southampton airport. His journey will only take a few hours. He is not being selfish letting his mum do all the hard work, but he has a friend going with him this year, and there just is not enough room in the little car for two big lads and the dogs. Still it will be worth all the effort for Tricia when she gets there. She absolutely adores the islands.

I sure do miss them both when they are away. To them the next fortnight will fly by. Whereas for me, it seems more like two years.
A street in Hugh Town, Isles of Scilly.

That's it of course. The reason for my tiredness. I am emotionally drained.  It is so silly I know, but I worry myself sick, during the run up to their holiday. Mostly thinking about how much I shall miss them, or what might go wrong on the journey. It is the same every time. But after a couple of days, I get back to my, more or less, normal self.

Anyway I have to stay here at home. Someone has to take care of Tinkerbelle and Mister Blanchard, Tricia's cats.

Do you think I am what is often referred to as, one of those 'needy' people? Don't answer that! It's a rhetorical question. I know the answer.


  1. You are having all the rain we are not. The lawn is totally crunchy.

  2. If it is any consolation they are predicting rain for us tomorrow so we'll probably be getting your share :-). And of course it is freezing too so not all that pleasant. I know what you mean, 2 weeks can feel like an eternity - all depends what / who you are waiting for.

  3. It's always hard when the ones you care about are gone. And I think this comes harder for men. I don't believe it's a case of being needy, but rather having difficulty with being alone. Me, I love being alone. I don't like when my daughter's gone, but my husband? I like to help him pack, ha.

  4. You must think of all the chores you will get done without the distraction of family. Here in my part of the world it is extremely hot... too hot to be out for any length of time. But we are also getting plenty of rain. The saying here is that the corn should be "knee high by the Fourth of July". It is almost waist high. We should have good crops this year.

  5. This humid weather knocks us olduns out, try a nap in the afternoon, it works wonders.
    And no, not needy, just sensitive and that's nice.

  6. It is hard for the loved ones left behind! At least Sadie will keep you company!

  7. Not much rain going on here. Hope Tricia and George have a great time and hopefully it goes by quickly for you

  8. Hope Tricia and George enjoy their holiday. I've never been to the Scilly Isles... it looks rather nice. There is definitely plenty more water to fall from the sky... every day this week. I'm proper fed-up with it.

  9. Well, couldn't you get someone else to look after things so you could go to? I'm just looking out for you, John! I have never been to the Isles of Scilly but it looks like a place that I would like to go to!

  10. Its a shame you couldn't have joined your loved ones on the trip. No wonder you are feeling blue. Keep your chin up and just think how lucky you are to be having summer whilst we have been experiencing minus temperatures here under downunder in Tasmania. Take care.