Monday, 29 April 2013


Thanks everyone for the heads up about my email account. I have now changed my passwords on everything. Heads up? Did you notice how modern and cool I am? Heads up. It means to be made aware of. At least I hope that's what it means. I seem to recall that it was a rude thing to say once, although in those days the words, 'up his/her backside' were added. Although they didn't use the word backside, they used the word arse, but I don't wish to be rude, what with me being a proper gentleman. Anyway I do hope you were not too inconnveynianced enconveenyinced inconvinience put out by the whole situation.

Have you noticed how the warm glow of alcohol is hugely increased when you are among friends? I'm not even a particular lover of beer, but I had a few pints yesterday, and they went down so well among good company and I had a lovely 'only slightly drunk' time at the
Open Mic with Sedge & Jon 

There was a young violinist at open mic and he played along when I sang Danny Boy. It added a real plaintive note to the song. I really enjoy it when something like that happens. It made a good day even better. Thanks Jon.

I just had to leave this keyboard for a half hour. I had some unexpected visitors: Jehovah's Witnesses. I must be in a good mood because I invited them for a cup of coffee. We sat at the table outside in the sun and chatted about God and stuff like that. I quite enjoyed their visit. They didn't try and convert me. I suppose they know a hopeless cause when they see one.

As they left they told me their names. The bloke's name was; I can't remember his name. The woman's name was Shirley. When she told me her name I said to her I won't forget your name, because I was brought up in a children's home called 'Shirley Oaks'. She then told me that she lived near the home when she was a girl and some friends of hers were in that same children's home. But the really odd thing was her surname, Oak. I thought it was some coincidence that I had just mentioned Shirley Oak's children home to a woman who knew the place well, but blimey, her name was Shirley Oak! How weird is that?

She was a good looking woman too. I could tell she fancied me. Practically threw herself at me she did! It was all I could do to stop her ripping my clothes off.

I should have got her phone number. Never mind, they have invited me to their next bible study meeting. Maybe I will ask her then? Oh God forgive me. I sound a bit desperate. I mean to say, going to a bible study just to chat up a woman. What sort of bloke would do that? Who? A bloke like me? No. Never. I'm only joking. Where's that leaflet they gave me?

I just looked the the preview of this post and there are lots of white spaces. Sorry about that. It's what happens when I leave a link to Open Mic with Sedge and Jon.


  1. I'm glad you explained the white spaces. I was just about to send you an Talking of email, no, I wasn't put out. It could have been worse, a friend of ours has a contact list of about 100 people and they/we were all targeted. This practice must be going the rounds, four friends had the same problem in four days. Did you find that leaflet?

  2. I also let the JW's in my house John. They are nice and polite but they have also got some strange beliefs. Each to their own and all that.

  3. Perhaps she was from the family who owned the property? Believe me you would be simply joining a long list of people who went to Bible studies to find a date.

  4. Because my husband was Catholic I used to be able to repel the JW's by stating that we were a Catholic family. Then they started holding up a little booklet and saying that they now had a book that was very helpful to Catholics. So I tried a new tack. I told them we were an atheist family. They recoiled in horror... until the day they held up a booklet and said that they now had a book that many atheists found to be very helpful. I surrender already! Now I just politely say "No, Thanks." and shut the door.

  5. Coincidence indeed, John. Perhaps a meaningful one. Could the old campus have resolved into a spirit that visits (as a JW?)and checks on the progress of its former charges? Rod Serling could've written it.

  6. Hobnobbing with the JW's, that may get you a free pass into heaven....wink wink.
    Loved the idea of having a violinist accompany your open mic next time please.

  7. I got your fancy email too but figured someone else would give you a heads up and didn't want to add to it. I'm used to getting them and knno that it's no fault of the sender. It actually happened to me once now that I think of it and was grateful for the heads up. We always know when JW are in the neighborhood because they dress nice and carry briefcases or backpacks. No good comes of answering the door to someone with a suit.