Sunday, 7 April 2013

Through A Glass Lightly.

As I passed the mirror this morning I decided to stop and have a look at myself. You may be aware that I don't normally look at myself. This is because too much of a good thing is, so they say, not healthy. But anyway, everything in moderation, so I took a good long look.

What particularly struck me today was how extremely pleasing on the eye my face looks. This despite the fact that I am in my sixty fifth year. The youthful image that looked back at me so admiringly, got me thinking.

So I have made a decision. I am going to knock ten years off my real age. From now on, whenever anyone asks, I am going to declare myself to be fifty five. Nobody ever believes I am sixty five anyway.  The usual response when I tell people how old I am is a disbelieving, "Never John. Get out of here. You have got to be kidding me?"

Blessed. That's what I am. Blessed with good looks and youthful genes. Of course this does have it's drawbacks. The main one being that I am constantly pursued by woman, and rarely get a moments peace from them. Tonight is a rare exception, and I am sitting writing this in bed, on my own, purely because I decided to take a break and restore my batteries. Naturally if I wanted female company it would not be a problem for me to get some. Company I mean.

By knocking these ten years from my age I do believe that I shall, when I do finally reach old age, be able to add them back. This will then give me ten more years to live. I shall then have an even greater chance of living to my target age of one hundred and twenty years. Fantastic!

So look out ladies, this good looking fella' has still got another lifetime to go.

Have you taken a good look in the mirror lately? Go on have a look. You might like what you see. Don't wear your glasses though. Sometimes things look much better if they are a little blurred, or soft focus as I prefer to think of it.


  1. You are so fortunate to be blessed with your good looks, John. Of course modesty is another one of your virtues!

  2. I too look younger than my 65 years. Unfortunately I take no credit. My parents both looked young for their ages. I certainly have nothing do do with it. I would like to point out a flaw in your thinking about longevity. You say you want to live to 120 years of age. Right now you have 54 years plus a couple of months to go. If you change your age to 55 you will have to wait 64 plus years to attain your goal. That is a long time.

  3. Ha, ha, someone else has found the trick of looking at ones self without the glasses on. I look absolutely fabulous without my glasses on, no lines and exactly like I did years ago. Just cant see anything else when I look away. lol

  4. I too look younger than my actual age "54" and people always assume I am my 33yr. old sons "wife"! Love your idea! ;)

  5. I do the opposite, I add 10 years to my age so that people say " My God! Doesn't she look fabulous for 69" and believe me, I do, as I can attest when I look in the mirror everyday without my specs.

  6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder......
    Folks are always commenting on my looks especially when I'm out with my daughter, however the other day a youngster called me "Mum".
    Thankfully, he did not call me "Gran".

  7. Maybe you are counting birthdays backwards now.

  8. I used to lie outrageously about my age. Unfortunately, I've finally gotten to a point where - even if I shave off ten years - I'm still old.

    I try to avoid looking in mirrors. I actually look my best in a dense fog at a distance of fifty feet.
    (I'm jesting, of course......).