Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mr Christian Grey Update.

Mr Christian Grey finds some food and does what he always does; he calls his ladies to share the bounty. But this time there is no response. All his ladies are gone. Taken by the fox. Poor Mr Christian Grey all alone.

Three times Mr Grey has been in the foxes teeth and three times escaped. This is due mainly to the fortitude and determination of lovely Sadie the German Shepherd, who hates those foxes with a vengeance. Lucky for Mr Christian Grey that she does.

Three times taken by the fox, bedraggled, but still alive to tell the tale. Remarkable. Lucky Mr Grey.

Some new ladies are coming to meet him. He will be happy again.

The old cock is going to get some action soon. Mr Christian Grey's that is.

Poor Mr John Bain. No such luck for him yet.


  1. Back when I was tying fly-fishing lures, I literally lusted after dominecker hackle. (Yeah, I suppose one would've had to have been.)

  2. ALL the ladies gone... that fox sure has an appetite. He needs to be disposed of... somehow.

  3. And long may he have the magnificent Sadie to protect him!

  4. Poor lonely Mr Grey. Sadie will need to help him protect the new ladies.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  5. Poor Mr. Christian Grey...can you build him a fortress to keep him safe?
    That fox needs to be taken care of, and in a "once and for all" way.
    Thank goodness for Sadie....give her a tummy rub for me...she is a good girl.

  6. Oh poor old Mr Christian Grey I am glad he is safe and sound but he must be lonely without his ladies. I am sure he will enjoy being introduced to his new girls. I found you via Denise's An English Girl Rambles blog. Say hello to Sadie and Bonnie Bain for me and a hi to you from Margate Kent

    1. Hi Don. Thanks for commenting and following my humble blog. Come back soon.

  7. I'm going to stick up for Mr and Mrs Fox here, it was only doing what a fox does, finding foood for it's family. Perhaps John, you could build some kind of secure enclosure to keep your poultry safe. Killing the fox is not the answer.

  8. It is sad that Mr Grey's ladies have lost their lives. It is also sad that the fox saw them as his chance at a meal. Nature has a way of putting us all into place so I am sure Mr Fox will get his just rewards also. I am looking forward to pictures of the new girls in town. Maybe Mr Grey will like the variety.

  9. It sounds like Mr Grey is part cat with 9 lives.

  10. I'm thinking that both Mr. Grey and you are victims of the foxes.