Thursday, 18 April 2013

Having A Break.

I am not happy with my blogging activity lately. I haven't been visiting other blogs, and also I feel my writing has lost something and become a bit stale. There is no real reason for this that I can discern. Perhaps it is simply that I am all written out at the moment. Certainly I have struggled to find much of interest to say lately.

Visiting other blogs is an important aspect of this hobby of ours and I have been neglectful of that aspect of it. I am sorry about this.

Apart from my blogging I am quite happy. I wouldn't want you to think otherwise.

I feel it is time to take a break so that I can refresh my writing batteries. It might only be for a few days. I have no idea. I hope it won't be too long, because I know I shall miss you all.

Just before I go, may I take the liberty of directing you to my friend Paul's blog 

Paul is from New Zealand. He is an athlete and a keen cyclist and recently had a bad accident during a cycling race. I know a few get well wishes will give him a boost in his recovery. He could do with a few more blog followers too, but don't tell him I said that.

Take care and be happy.


  1. I was running out of things to write about. Then I read somewhere that if that happens just think back on your day or week, pick something that happened, or something you did, and write about it. I'm trying it out and so far it seems to work. Anyway, I hope your break from blogging will refresh your spirit. Don't let your artwork go the same way, John. Have a good rest!

  2. Hey, we'll miss you until you get back...take care.

  3. You are on my reading list, so I will know when you are back. Enjoy your break.


    Just click on a number and get an idea. Hope to see you blogging again soon BUT enjoy your break!

    1. That's a cool site Deb, may have to save it for future use.

  5. John, I always think if you blog for others its a chore, but its better to simply blog for yourself. Write down what you want, what you think is amusing or interesting and just accept that people will visit if they want to. You don't need to visit others either if you don't have time or don't feel like it.
    I for one really look forward to your posts,even the dullest one's are more interesting than most, and you always give me and Tom a laugh.
    Don't stay away too long we'll miss you.

  6. Enjoy the hiatus, John. Your blog is a great favorite here and I'll look forward to the pleasure of your renewed company.

  7. I will probably take a small break in May and recharge after my participation in a Challenge in April. Don't stay away too long. I once hiatus'ed for a year and it was hard to get my readers back.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  8. I understand that burned out feeling. Take a nice break. You will get a chance to do some of the other things you enjoy like your artwork. You can spend some time with family and friends and not feel guilty about having to write a post. Then one day something ridiculous will hit your brain and you will have to write about it. You will be back. Enjoy

  9. We all need a break occasionally. Take care and be happy

  10. You will be missed, John! You have provided us with lots of amusing anecdotes and ramblings. You have the wonderful art of writing about nothing with style and poise. Thanks for the plug! Can always do with more readers. Rest up but don't stay away long!

  11. Enjoy your break and hopefully you'll return refreshed with lots of ideas. I can relate because I haven't had much blogging motivation lately either

  12. Have a good break, get recharged and come back soon.

  13. Been there, done that. I've just started to blog when I feel like it and my loyal followers are still here.
    Just saying ... we'll all be here when you post. Sue

  14. Paul sounds like a good friend to keep. btw Keep writing you'll get through this...