Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pinch, Punch, First Day Of The Month. No Returns!

Weatherwise it's been a beautiful day. March certainly came in like a lamb. I'm hoping it won't go out like a lion!

I have been outside all day demolishing my old studio. It is a slow job because I am trying to recycle as much of it as possible to use on my ramshackle gallery. What hard work it has been though. Not so long ago I'd have done it in a day. These days I just think, what's the hurry?

This is the latest state of play with the demolition. Nearly there. Some parts were so rotten that they had to go.

I love having a bonfire. Frowned upon these days I know, but what the hell. There wasn't much wind and no neighbours on that side to upset. Anyway I waited till dark and set it alight. You can blame me for global warming.  

Sadie the German Shepherd didn't look at all pleased to see the studio coming down. She is very set in her ways and really doesn't approve of change.

Here is a photo of me in the firelight. I have included this for the ladies, and of course, any men who might be that way inclined. I do not want to be seen as politically incorrect! My goodness! How times have changed in my lifetime.
I like this photo. Obviously, that is why I have included it. The firelight hides a lot. Actually I might try and turn this into an oil painting. I am certain that lots of women will rush to buy it. Perhaps I had better make it a limited edition print. Don't worry I will print enough. I would hate to disappoint anyone!

I hope you have had a nice, first day of the month.


  1. We all look good by firelight, John...why do you think we had a wood stove installed?!
    Jane x

  2. You actually look a bit like Christian Bale in that photo. A bonfire is relaxing and exciting at the same time. No wonder we all love them.

  3. Know how Sadie feels. I don't like change either. I think you look most distinguished. Sign me up for a print!

  4. Firelight becomes you, John. The picture is excellent.

  5. Now let me see, how far is it to your neck of the woods, me thinks I could get there in a Jiffy.
    Isn't there a song, firelight becomes you, or is it the moon? I might be mixed up......
    You really shouldn't post piccy's like that it gets ladies flustered. lol
    Looking forward to seeing the new studio..

  6. John, seems you may have a stampede to get a copy of that photo of you by the firelight. Sort of looks a bit devilish and that is so like you.

  7. Very dramatic pic... and I can see you have made it your header. I missed why the old studio is coming down. Will have to read further.