Thursday, 22 March 2012

Some Ads Have More Impact Than Others.

Look at the advert that appeared on my blog page this morning.

Unfortunately, as you probably know, we bloggers aren't allowed to click on our own ads. Which in this case, is such a shame.

What wonderful self control I have. What extreme mastery of my emotions. I love stockings and suspenders!

No, seriously I haven't looked. It's not allowed. Honest, I haven't.

Oh all right then, I have. I'm a weak foolish man. I admit it.


But only for being weak and foolish.

Not for looking.

Or for being a man!


  1. What's my new profile picture doing here?
    Jane x

  2. I know men like them but those garters were the darndest things to mess with.

  3. You are too funny. But keeping seams straight and garter belts on-kilter was the pits, and the clips would dig into your legs. The discovery of pantyhose was one step toward women's liberation!

  4. You love stockings and suspenders??????? Are you a cross dresser or just remembering your youthful pursuits with women?

  5. Who could blame you? Thanks for the positive comments. I was really low when I wrote my post but thankfully have worked through some issues. I am honoured that you want to play my song. Please record it and put it on a post. Would love to hear your version!

  6. I only remember then with horror, nobody was more pleased than I when tights came in. But I do get how men can find them arousing. lol

  7. Of course the in thing now is to wear stockings with lacy tops that cling to the thigh. They're called hold-ups. Oh John, for heaven's sake, stop drooling.

  8. and they claim women are the weaker sex?

  9. Oh too funny....isn't it amazing what pops up on our blogs!
    I'm glad you admitted your weaknesses...although they really aren't weaknesses...just human nature!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.