Sunday, 25 March 2012

I'm Here For You. A Song. Performed By Me. Written By Paul Forster

I liked this song from Paul's blog so much, that with his permission I have had a go at singing it myself. My intention was to record it at open mic, but I took so many pictures of my extremely handsome son George in his last youth football match, that I ran out of camera memory. But Paul did say he would like to hear my version, so here it is on Utube.
Sedge and Jon who run the open mic events, will probably upload snippets on Utube soon, so I will try to put a link to that on here later.

Mind you, once you have heard what I have done to Paul's nice song, you may not wish to bother! But I think the lyrics are smashing!

Here is a link to Paul's blog. The World According To Paul. I'm sure he would like you to visit.

I mentioned the football just now. Would you believe it, my extremely handsome son George felt unwell before the match, and couldn't start the game. The teams were evenly matched, and at half time neither side had scored.

George felt better, and ten minutes into the second half, he came on, and changed the game. He scored one goal, set up two more, and the final result was 5 - 0 to us. A great way to finish his youth football career both for George and his team.

Did I feel proud? Oh, Good gracious no, not me! Pride is a sin. Isn't it. But my goodness. Didn't my boy do well!

Avisford United Youth FC
George is onside, and that ball is about to end up in the back of the net!
Only joking! I was proud of him really. I was glowing with it!

Something else nice has just happened. John and Yola my lovely neighbours have invited me to share their meal. Kedgeree. It will be delicious. Yola is the world's best cook, and that's a fact!


  1. John! Wonderful song, and your voice is quite nice. Silly, American me. I didn't think about you having a British accent. I feel as if I know you even better.

  2. Hi, I'm a visitor from Paul's blog (and the one who records his music for him for YouTube :-) ). Paul is going to be pleasantly surprised to see your blog entry and I'm sure it will brighten his day :-). You have a great voice and I like your version of Paul's song too - makes me think of Johnny Cash!

  3. I enjoyed that! Love the guitar.
    As Lea said , you have that Johnny Cash quality and personalty to your voice.
    Jane x

  4. I really, really liked this. I like the song that Paul wrote and I like the way that you sang it, like the comments above, you really put me in mind of Johnny Cash, and I don't know that I have ever said that of anyone before.
    Did you really make that guitar yourself? If so, that is amazing.

  5. Great. I was singing along with you :o)

  6. I love what you've done with my song. I am envious of your Johnny Cash voice. What I would give to sing my songs as you have done on this one. Time for lessons I think. Well done to your extremely handsome son's football eforts.

  7. Lovely guitar, sounds perfectly fine to me and nice song too. Happy blogging and singing to you.

  8. I listened to Paul's song a couple of days ago. Liked it very much and I think you've done really well with it. Congrats to Paul and you.

    I'm not surprised you're proud of George, his achievement is something to boast about.

  9. My but aren't you talented. Not only can you sing splendidly but you can even make your own guitar. Enjoyed your performance

  10. WOW WOW WOW I am so impressed with your wealth of talent. I knew you were an awesome writer and artist but now a guitar builder and singer. AWESOME.
    I love Paul's work and you have done his work proud. Great job.
    Congratulations to your handsome son George.
    Great Job.
    Paul's song hits home with so many. B

  11. I couldn't find Paul's song but I believe you have done it justice. And with a homemade guitar to boot! Pretty cool.

  12. Well done George on the field and well done dad on the guitar. I hope George continues to keep playing. Keep us informed.

  13. Hi John, Trying to listen to the clip now, but thought I'd better say hello first. Pop in to my new blog and say hello when you have time. Thanks. Sue (Maa)