Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Botanical Walk With Sadie The German Shepherd.

What a lovely, warm spring day.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time preparing my portable easel and art paraphenalia, just so, that when the weather is like this, I am ready at a moments notice to head off and do quick portraits in town.

This morning with the sun streaming through the mollicroft windows, I was up early, and full of good intentions.

I said goodbye to Sadie the German Shepherd, and Bonnie the ginger cat, promising them that I would not be too long, and that if I made plenty of money they would both benefit from it. I didn't say goodbye to the hens, because they never listen, and for once Sunny Jim the cockerel, was nowhere to be seen.

I loaded up the car, sat behind the steering wheel, and started the engine.

It was at this point I thought to myself, sod this for a game of soldiers, I'm going for a walk!

For a few seconds, about two actually, I felt swamped with guilt and self doubt about my lack of application.

Then I switched off the engine, and, went for a walk,  is just exactly what I did!

Sadie the German Shepherd admiring daffodils. Click to enlarge photos.
Celandine and stinging nettles.

There is a ladybird hiding here.
A nice little pebble.
Moss in a discarded cast iron container at side of railway track.
I will do portraits tomorrow. Definitely. Maybe.


  1. You definitely made the right choice, such a gorgeous day for a walk, and Sadie will be pleased you made the choice you did too.

  2. Portait sitters will be there tomorrow....never turn down the opportunity to 'play'.
    Jane x

  3. A walk is just fine too, especially when you get to take pictures of nature like these!

  4. Portraits take concentration. A walk is fine by me! (Aren't you surprised? haha)

  5. You made some fantastic finds on your walk. Good for you.

  6. What beautiful weather you have, I'm jealous. We are rainy, snowy, hail-ey, windy, and cold; sometimes all at once. A walk was the right thing to do.

  7. Like your photos, John! Well done for getting out for a walk!

  8. I hope that you took Sadie with you!

  9. Look what you've done, I want to go for a walk now.....