Friday, 16 March 2012

A Bit Of A Rant. Then My Solution To Rising Fuel Costs.

Have you seen the price of fuel? Diesel, which I use, was £1.48.9p per litre today! Bloody robbery! It's not the retailers fault. About two thirds of the cost is tax!

What is it with this .9 of a penny? Have you got .9 of a penny in your pocket? No, me neither. It doesn't exist! They round it up to a penny, that's what they do, the thieving...!

Sorry about all the exclamation marks. I'm just so furious.

They take us for mugs, this government. Well, not just this government. Whoever is in power. They are all the bloody same!

Why do they do it? Because we let them, that's why. I'd organise a mass rally in protest if I could afford to get there!

I have to think now, before I jump in the car, whether I can afford the journey. Most of the time I can't.
It doesn't help taking public transport either. The fares are astronomical! Do you know why that is? Because of the cost of the bloody fuel!

I have hit upon a solution. Today I got my old bike out of the shed. Poor old bike, it thought it's travelling days were over, and had really relaxed into rusting mode. Sorry bike, but you have work to do. Little bit of oil, some new brake rubbers, air in the tyres, and you'll be as good as new. Almost!

Yes, it won't be long until I am whizzing around the country lanes. I might even join a cycling club. Enter a few races. I will soon be as fit as my blogging friend Paul, who races bikes around New Zealand. You might like to visit his blog. The world according to Paul. I just tried to put a link to it. Not sure how successful I was at doing that. First time I've tried to link elsewhere.

Now then, where was I? Oh yes the bike. Here is a photo. What do you think? I'm quite hopeful that I can rejuvenate the old thing. I can hardly wait to get on it again. I'm serious about this. Now then, stop that. I hear you laughing.
Soon have it looking as good as new!
Oh no! I have just remembered my aching legs. They might not be up for it. Reckon I need a drop of oil too. Cod liver oil, that should do the trick!

A quick update on the studio demolition.This is all that is left of it. Just the chassis. Need to borrow an angle grinder to chop that up. I will sell the old iron to the scrap merchant. I might earn enough to buy some fuel!

Hey fantastic! I can put my ridiculous bike riding idea on the back burner for a while. Phew! I'm glad I thought of that.

OK Paul, you can relax. The competition just pulled out!


  1. Oh, I do hope you enjoy your whizzing. I'd love to be able to ride a bike but not only do I not have it in my legs anymore, I can't actually ride one! Imagine that, fifty one and can't ride a bike.

  2. Your bike looked like it is in good shape. The only worry I would have is the condition of the tires after having been abandoned for so long. It seems like you are making progress with your studio. What a job it must be.

  3. Oh John, you're not cycling after all...and I'd just arranged with my competitive cycling friend to send you some of his lycra!!
    Jane x

  4. Goodness me, you are so funny! What is the sign that the ivy is covering in your header photo?
    You have an interesting blog. I wish I could read more, but I must go out for the day. Darn old life keeps getting in the way of my life in blogland!

  5. Hey, I bet you can do short jaunts. I have no idea how to translate pounds but if it's like here the costs are WAY TOO HIGH. At least you have a small island to drive around. How many hours does it take to drive across?

    1. It is equal to about $12 for a gallon! This island is not that small. It's about 875 miles from end to end, and 324 across. That's in a straight line.
      You Americans, I love you!

  6. $12 dollars a gallon is outrageous! I couldn't afford to drive work at that price. Dang...I thought the prices where high here.

  7. You got me all excited for a moment, John. Was thinking that I might get to enjoy your cycling posts. I have the feeling it probably won't be mentioned again unless the fuel price continues to rise. Sadly I think your bike has seen better days and would not pass it's road worthy test! Never mind you don't have to worry about it for the moment. Thanks for putting my blog link on your post!I need to get all the readers I can get!

  8. We pay about $1.48 per litre but our dollar is about half your pound. We thought we were paying too much. I think I would be having another look at the old bike. Good luck with the scrap metal maybe you could join forces with Steptoe and Son.

  9. For goodness sake, John, don't let the price of fuel drive you to a suicidal attempt on that bike. I have diesel in my car, slightly more expensive but it does take me a lot further than common and smelly petrol.

  10. We got rid of out car and decided to use the bus as we both have bus passes, but its a non runner. If you want to travel on a Sunday most of the buses are hourly so that's no good. Then the bus only takes you so far and you have to walk a mile when you get off, plus lugging shopping isn't fun.
    So the decision has been made to get another car, all in all there is no alternative and even with the price of fuel its worth it to be able to get from A-B easily.
    so don't believe it when they tell you to take the bus or train, it doesn't work......

  11. Ok, no kidding! Looks to be a classic bike. Sell it! Use profit to put towards buying a new one. Or just start walking... no kidding!